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Need a copy of Mackay's Anatomy of the Ship Bounty

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I have ordered several "used" books from Amazon. Books either too expensive or not in existence anymore.

Can't be any happier. I've got $80 dollars books for $4. You wouldn't believe the books I've got for around 4-5 dlls, and they are like new. Sometimes the shipping is even higher than the cost of the book itself, but who cares? Still great deals.

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The only downside for me is some sellers won't post their books to Australia for some strange reason. 

Years ago I talked with Dave Roach from Pier Books about this and he said that the cost of shipping outside the US can be so expensive that the purchase becomes a total loss.  This I can understand.  Years ago when I worked in the shipping dept we had to ship a 2lb package to a facility outside of Melbourne.  They were not happy.  The part was $50 the shipping cost was around $150 if my memory serves me right.  It is always shipping that can be a killer depending on the weight and location.

David B

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