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After much consideration my first build will be:

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The HMS Lady Nelson (1799)


My interest is in British Maritime explorations vessels from the late 18th century onwards. And as an Antipodean, that means ships such as the Endeavour, Beagle, Investigator and Discovery II.

I want to work in 1:64 scale because all the boats I'm interested in are available in that scale. In addition to the the above there are other famous Australia related boats such as the Cutty Sark and the Bounty, Then, out of left field, because of the important support role this ship played at Trafalgar, is the Pickle.


But I've decided to start with the Lady Nelson because:

It had a major role in the exploration of Australia.

It was built as a cutter (although rigged as a brig); so is a "relatively" good beginner project.

I just love the pictures of the completed models - and, I figure, mostly this should be about passion.



There are a two 1:64 scale wooden kits of the Lady Nelson. By Victory Models and Amati. Although, I saw one reference that said that Victory Models is a subsidiary of Amati.


So are they one and the same? Or are there differences between the models?


Looking through all the forums there are 6 references to Lady Nelson kits: 5 Victory and 1 Amati. But no comparison.


Would be grateful if anyone can shed some light.


I have already picked out a hobby desk and a spot to put it. Not that I'm eager ... much.



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