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I'm looking for a Piece of wood from the real HMS Victory ship. I have tried getting some from the Victory Museum and gift shop, This is the response I got from them with no further word:


"The National Museum of the Royal Navy is now the sole supplier of authenticated wood and copper that has been removed from HMS Victory, and indeed is now the owner of the ship itself.


We do indeed sell arisings to enable them to be turned into a variety of products, examining each request to ensure that it falls in line with our objectives.


If you could let me have some rough details of what you are after, and for what purpose you require it, I will get back to you."


So if someone in the neck of the woods or has a piece of Victory wood that they are willing to, part with and willing to help a brother out, it would be appreciated. I'm willing to pay for a small piece, I would just like to incorporate the wood into the Victory model that I'm building.




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I tried to get a few pieces of wood from Victory. My dream was (is) to turn a pen or set of pens with wood from Victory.

I copy below the answer I got from them:


There is no uniformity of size, as these pieces have been removed from the ship due to their state or repair.
A single piece will cost you £350 plus 20% vat and postage.
If this is of interest, please let me know and I will arrange for a piece to be selected and photographed for you.
That way, you can see it before you agree.

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WOW, they must think they have gold. I don't mind paying $50.00-$60.00 US for a small piece the size of 3 or 4  inches long by 2 inches or so wide and about 1/4" to 1/2 inch thick. I would just like to make a few mast heads or anchor collars out of it. I could probably get away with half that size really.


I have gotten quite a few pieces of the Constitution in the past from their gift shop and got good chunks for like $15.00 + a few bucks for shipping. But that has been close to 10 years ago, they may have also changed since then.

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Several pieces available on ebay

Biggest piece.



Other small pieces available did a search hms victory wood to get the results





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Thanks Bob, but that big piece would have been great, but no certificate of authenticity other than what someone wrote on the wood with a sharpie.


I found a piece on Etsy and it should be here within a week or so. It ran me Close to $60.00, but the museum wanted about $300.00 for a small 4" X 2" X1/2" size piece. Hell, I could have bought one of their bowls they advertised on their website and got a lot more than what they were wanting to send me. They said they were protecting their brand and you have to submit a request for the wood and state why you want it and what you intend to do with it and then they decide whether you are worthy of a piece of Victory wood or not. 

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