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  2. Managed to complete the sternwheel - eventually. Turns out the new one piece single laser cut parts need to be fitted further back than the pictures show to allow for the wheel to turn. (Or maybe that's just me?) Found some copper rivets for the piston arms, and blanked off the massive holes in the engine room. Wheel turns nicely. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy. Next adventure yet to come is the gangway. It doesn't fit where it should because of the stairs. The original model, and Occre's model, both have one each side, so I'll be following that when i get there. Cheers, Bob
  3. Whilst waiting for the wood to arrive for the new stairs I did this one. Revell Titanic at 1/1200. (Revell 1/570 waiting in the wings) Our 11 year old son is autistic and has had a fascination with the Titanic for over 5 years. Turns out his mum had a cousin (2nd turkish bath attendant) who went down with her. Not done a plastic kit in over 40 years, so thought I'd start small. Drilled all the upper portholes out and tried to seperate the pipes on the stacks. Need to learn the esoteric art of sprue stretching for the radio wires and rigging. Anyway, the wood arrived, new stairs cut out and put together. Brass wire railings added in keeping with the rest of the stairs. Cheers for now, stay safe and well, Bob
  4. I found this too. Admiral says she wants normal stairs, so just waiting on the order delivery of sheet wood to make them. As for putting the railing bars width up - I think at least some of these boats were built to owners specs, and you're the owner! 😁 Keeps safe, Bob
  5. Really nice and clean lines, I like it. I think every build of this model has been different - your own stamp on a model makes it yours, not just the way the manufacturer wants you to buid it. "Without the cardboard, the picture ends of me taking a picture of me." So there's a mirror behind - don't blame you for covering it, I hate picrures of me too. 😄 Looking forward to your next model. Take care, Bob
  6. Cheers guys! Some more progress. Help from Cooper the cat again Eventually got them done The black paint is Revell Aqua Colour. It's gone a bit thick but it represents the thick bitumastic paint used on iron. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 😁 Added the second handrail to the stairs, fitted the second deck doors and shutters. Made some chains for the "Crew Only" areas and fitted them with a notice. Did a bit of research on the use of the capstan in the bow. Turns out it's steam powered and used to tighten up the main mooring rope so the bow is tight to the dock. Where the instructions show a hawse hole there are rollers or a fairlead, another at the end of the bow plank, and bitts to the side (behind the 3 guys to the left) for other ropes. This is the steamer "Lookout". Here's the capstan AL provided, and the one I'm replacing it with. Brass band is from the scrap off the bridge deck scallops. Works almost at a halt now as it's been decided not to fit the spiral staircase, but to make a straight wide one. I've got to order in the sheet wood for this. More when I can, Look after yourselves, Bob
  7. Thanks for the likes! Slow progress, but some! Added the brass scallops to the steering deck, and the fencing around the deck below. Since access to the steam pipe are would be crew only I fenced that off too, and added steps. To the steps I've added brass handrail made from 0.8mm beading wire. Not sure yet if the cabin stairs will remain one rail or to add the second. Cheers, Bob
  8. Quick update - sorry it's been a while. Life gets in the way sometimes. Almost done with the top deck and wheelhouse. Still got the brasswork and fences to install. Stair measurements given by AL don't match up to the actual real life sizes. One stair too few 🙁 when trying out the first one for size with the base at the same pictured plank distance in the instructions. Ladderway to the cabin house was still too short for the angle required at 9 steps, so had to put in an "under walkway strengthener" for it to rest on. Also noticed, missing in the written instructions but in the picture instructions and not labelled, stanchions under the forward end of the roof. Pics 54 and 55. This doesn't appear anywhere else thoroughout the booklet in any photos. There are photo's of this model with them installed out there, and there's also a version of this (old!) that has two gangways and a straight (not spiral) staircase. Dan Vadas did a re-build of this one a few years ago. KotM by Dan Vadas Cheers for now, Bob
  9. Grandparents loved tripe. I can remember it boiling away in the pan as a youngster, and going to buy it at the local butchers. Even ate it sometimes! Strange the way things go - I can't stand it now! However, Liver (or haggis or black pudding (blood sausage to those of you over the pond) ) and sprouts with mash and onion gravy, blue cheese to follow, was a favourite of mine. Still would be except me and the Admiral went vegetarian in January.
  10. OC wishing you and the admiral a speedy recovery!
  11. Some progress over the last few days. Captains cabin almost finished. Fitted the stove, roof and rail. Added edging boards to the roof. Added the ventilation gap to the upper deck. Remembered to drill and countersink the holes for the pins this time! 😼 That's all for now, Stay safe, stay well, Bob
  12. Hi John For scale furniture try searching for HO/OO scale stuff. It's 1/76 so very close. If you're going down that route don't use the dangling ring door handles as shown, except maybe on the "barn doors" of the stowage room, they're too large. Instead use one of the brass pins. The head on them is more to scale. Bob
  13. Hi Kenneth. If you do a search in the search box for President and tick "titles only" you'll find 13 results. About half are for this model. I have one of these started as far as the hull planking, but am doing some research to kit bash into a real ship a distant relative was a lieutenant on. As said, Carronade didn't come into use until 1774, so cannon would be the correct item if you wanted some accuracy. The instructions are a little"sparse" shall we say 🤬. Have a look on here for the planking tutorials which are really good if you haven't already got past that stage. And as has been suggested, create a build log - so much help you won't get disheartened! Best wishes, stay safe, Bob
  14. Glad to hear you're keeping safe. There are a few odd anomalies with sizes. Be aware when you come to the upper deck houses the plywood is so thin it can, and sometimes does, seperate when soaked to allow for bending the curves. Before you plank the hull or shape the bottom look at how the planks will fit - it's a job and a half if you curve the edges (at least it was for me😄!) Also the stem needs quite a bit of fettling to fit. Take good care, stay safe, Bob
  15. Some progress over the last week. Syrprising how small bits seem to take hours to do. Upper deck almost finished. Wheelhouse. As I'm adding a captain figure there's now a step and a paperwork / coffee / whisky shelf Didn't like the original plywood door, so had a play around and cut / carved this one. First time carving. Even managed to get the door to open and close on hidden hinges. using pins. Still got to fil a sill to the lower window edges to finsih them off. As usual, close ups show all the rough bits and small flaws 🙁 Stay safe, stay well Bob

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