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Hammocks, cranes and covers

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Thank you, the compliment was some 800 excluding officers.


But wasn´t it during the day times, when no hammocks were in use? Have to make a rough estimate once home how many hammocks could be provided using this pattern.



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Well certainly they are in use as splinter shielding, as were the hammocks we have been discussing on this thread, the ones from an earlier age.  I am wondering if the objects in the photo are also hammocks. Did the Imperial Japanese Navy pipe up hammocks in WWII? The objects in the photo look to be the proper size and shape. My understanding also is that the early Japanese Navy used the English Navy as a template for their ship design, crew training and procedures, so perhaps this is the last use of hammocks as splinter shielding. Again I apologize for taking this side trip into WWII but it appeared to fit the subject just a bit, and as I said I have always wondered if these were hammocks.

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On 8/20/2013 at 1:54 PM, JerseyCity Frankie said:

 Apologies for taking us off topic a bit into the wrong navy, wrong ocean and wrong century. But I have always been curious about these objects on Japanese warships from WWII. I have always took them to be hammocks. Anyone know?


They are splinter shields and I believe they were purpose made. I studied the photos in a lot of the Japanese Maru (sp?) Special series a long time ago and the mats just looked too long and wide to be hammocks. It is possible they were originally something else, such as a laundry bag, but nothing came to mind that was the right size. I modelled them as being about 8.5  feet long.

Also, I believe these splinter bags stayed in place for as long as needed, which is another point against the hammocks idea.

Never found proof, just couldn't ever believe they were the crew's hammocks once I saw the size.




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