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ropes for pin rails

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Hi Les here. I am having a struggle making up the ropes that lay over the belaying pins. I have a source that has pins on a block so that they bend as if coiled around a belaying pin. However when I apply glue to hold the shape they are stiff and look as if they have been dipped in goo. Is there a way to make these up and have the ropes not look like they have been waxed to death? Many thanx Les.

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It is an almost unavoidable physical phenomenon that wood or ropes darken in colour when soaked in something, be it water, glue or varnish. The liquid changes the way how light is reflected out of the pores. So the answer is to use as little as possible and to try to avoid soaking it completely.


I am using fast drying solvent-based matt varnish for the purpose. This has the advantage that you can soften it with a drop of solvent in case you are not satisfied with what you did. Using PVA or CA, you basically have only one shot. The wetting properties of solvent-based varnish are also better than those of (diluted) PVA.

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Hi Les--


I can't seem to paste the link in but recently there was a thread here that might help called "making rope coils"  Search on it and you should be able to find it.  It shows a nice technique for making the ropes and once you get them positioned a light coating of PVA glue should hold them.  It might darken the thread a bit but shouldn't affect the texture.  Good luck!




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