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straight mill vs. mill/drill combo.

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Hi all,

I find myself using my micro mill for drilling as much as for milling.  I make heavy use of the x-y table, especially where hole measurement is critical, such as making the coppering jig for the Syren. .  The problem I am facing is that I dislike have to turn a wheel vs. having a drill type lever or crank.


I will be upgrading my mill (it has other limitations) and am not sure which type to get.  The combined mill/drill looks like it has all the advantages but I am not sure if there is a downside to the construction or use of a combined tool versus using a dedicated mill and just putting up with the hand wheel.


The two that I am looking at are the Sherline (for the standard Mill) and the Little Machine Shop (for the Mill/Drill).


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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If you go with the Sherline mill, one of the accessories you can buy is called a "sensitive drilling attachment". This would overcome your issue as you simply pull down on the attachment to drill. It's designed to take very small drill bits. Here's a link:




The Sherline is a top notch machine and highly regarded by many modellers. I have one and love it. Hope this helps.

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