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Cutty Sark by juleslucas - Del Prado - scale 1:90

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This topic is created to show the build of my first model ship, which is a Cutty Sark (not the easiest one to start with I agree, but I have patience :P ).


The kit is from Del Prado (no longer on the market) and bought the complete set from ebay. This kit was sold in 100 different packages, I guess there were weekly issues that could be bought from newstands or order to home. My package supposedly was sitting in a cellar or attic, and seems to have everything I need to build the complete ship.


I have read many bad things about Del Prado - mostly of the scale and the not accurate details (of which I can live with without any problem). After scanning through all the packages  I found a few broken pieces what I will have to recreate somehow, and one major problem.... The figurehead Del Prado provided in the sealed package is of the HMS Victory and not the Cutty Sark, so either I use that (unlikely) or reproduce the original figurehead once I got there (more likely).


Also I decided to create some minor upgrades to the build if possible (not redesigning the model or changing the scale, but mostly adding extra feature). For this I am closely monitoring Nenad's and Bob's log of their build.


Now the reason: I am not a new guy in modelling, I usually work on dioramas of WWII, building in 1:35 scale, using kits, natural materials and polystirol. Recently less kits and most scratch work of my own. Since I am not only making tanks and figures I usually take up half to room (nearly half the flat we live) for my hobby, so my wife (from now on my Admiral) told me to create a Sail ship for her, so I took the challenge, and her we go....


Pictures to come later



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Bob and Nenad, thanks for the warm welcome.


Admiral asked me if the boat will be ready for her birthday which is end of August... Well I explained her to expect it to be ready by her next birthday :))


So here come the photos. First here are the details out of which this beautiful ship will be built.




And here is a few picture of my progress with the false keel and the frames. The instructions are saying that no real sanding is needed... well my experience is that excessive sanding is needed to achieve a smooth surface... but so far I have it know, the frames look to be in right position, I started to gather my strength to start the planking of the hull.












Opinions are more than welcome!! :)

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Material looks very fine


It seems that bulwarks are to much separated, which can cause some problems during planking.

Do you intend to apply second layer of planking ? If yes, do not worry to much. If no, planking is very delicate stage for final look of model


Possible options and solutions for those spaces

- filling spaces with something and then get right shape by sanding/cutting 

- add extra bulwarks


BTW - before planking check out all lines of future decks, longitudinal axis of whole model, equal width of every imaginary cross section through the model, to be where them have to be

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There will be 2 layers of planking, for the bottom copper plates and thin wood for the upper part, so I guess there will be no trouble with the bulwark distance.


Thanks for the info on checking the lines and axis, I was not thinking of it, but surely can spare some aaarrrgghhhs later :)

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After checking the lines of the false keel I found it suitable to continue my work and attached the false decks on it.




Now it is waiting to stick with some help of masking tapes. The deck will be covered later on with strakes.


I am really excited to start the planking of the hull :dancetl6:

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Before the planking I just realized that there are some minor elements I need to add to the keel. Firstly the mast steps. According to the instructions this will give some extra strength to the Masts and will help me to keep them in place :)


Here are some pictures of the assembly:








Also I added some extra braces to the bow section which will help me bending and attaching the first layer of planking. Same will be added to the stern, maybe tomorrow.








So far, so good, finding lots of pleasure in the assembly and mostly in the sanding :)))))

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At the beginning I mentioned I will be building this ship out of the materials the kit came with and I will try to stick to the original description, but whenever I see it necessary I will do my best to make some changes/alteration.


Well.... according to the building instructions a next step is to prepare the hencoops.... not to glue them on the deck, just prepare it.


And now I am going to show you the four pieces that make up the 2 hencoops:




And the instructions: Glue the two parts together and paint them white.. Whaaaat? Is this a joke? I will not put such useless chunk of wood on my boat, I guess they would better not even thinking of naming these hencoops but rather two white wooden box......


Can someone expert give me the original dimensions of the hencoops so I can recreate them on my scale of 1:90???


I have the plans of Seagal - Cutty Sark that has a pretty good picture of how the hencoops look like, but I do not have the dimensions for them...




Thanks in advance for the help

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No, Nenad;  not the hencoops;  I've done the pigpen and paint locker.  According to Campell's plans, the dimensions of the top of the coops would be 7' 4" x 29", which at 1:90 scale would be 24.75 mm x 8.18 mm.  Top of the coop is 34.75" off of deck, or 9.80 mm at 1:90.

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Okay, I did some small adjustments before the planking.... Honestly this going to be last post before a planking post... :)


I attached the poop deck bulkhead in its place, with some help of adhesive tape to keep the two different levels of false decks in place, looks fine, still waiting for complete dry.




Also as mentioned earlier I prepared the braces for the stern section as well. I will nail the strakes to these braces when time comes. I guess I will have to dump this end of the strakes in water for 30 mins, cause I really need to bend them :)


But it fits fine for me, there is a slight need of sanding obviously, but should be fine.






Planking to come soon... promise :)

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So here comes planking. I try to strictly follow instructions provided, so I took the 5mm wide and 380 mm long strakes, and glued them together in pairs - creating 760 mm long planks.


After soaking each end for 30 mins I started to nail them to the braces of the false keel. One strake to portside and other one to starboard...






Even though I soaked the wood it broke a few places when attaching to the stern, but I am not that scared as some putty and sanding will solve the situation.


By the way - is there some special wood filler that should be used or normal model putty is just fine for this purpose?


So I went along with planking 6 to the top (3-3 on each side) and 6 to the bottom (again 3-3 each side).










This is where I am now, since I spent most of the weekend on the other side of the country participating in my best friend's bachelor party (lost some valuable time :( ) And the same will happen this week as we are going to the wedding - although this would be much more fun that bachelor party - I hope.



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Well planking goes on... According to instructions I had to measure 15 mm from top strake and nail one right under it. I do not really understand what the purpose of it, but since I have seen no damage or risk in it, I did accordingly.




And then followed a next strake to the top, and 1 pair to the bottom.




It is still the easy part of the planking, as all I have to do is soaking and nailing ;) So far I did not have to measure much, but as I nail more and more strakes to the hull I can see my future, that it is not only about using long planks, but by the end I will have to cut these wood in correct length, width and shape. So the fun part is still to come.


Also I realized at one section that the 15 mm from the top was not 15 mm everywhere :) or my 5 mm wide planks are not 5 mm wides everywhere... Either way some fixing will be required.








More progress to come later this week, hopefully :pirate41:


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According to building instructions I had to start working on one of the shallops as well. Not much work on it as it comes in its real shape, made of some kind of metal alloy.


All I had to do is to paint the pieces inside out with brown, black and white and glue the benches to the gunport section of the little boat.


Then I used 0.5 mm alcoholic pen to write the name Cutty Sark on both ends. I am satisfied with the result :)



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Also an other section of the ship I had to start to work on is the foremost deck house. I had to cut the pieces out carefully from the sheet, first the four sides, then the panel decorations. I also had to cut strakes into the correct length to make the roof and the dimension for the side of the deck house.


To be honest, I know that acrylic paint is the best solution to paint wooden models, although as I have a huge collection of different color paints in enamel, I decided not to invest in buying extra paint for the ship as of now... So I asked admiral to pick a color for the deck house and for the different decoration elements for CS and I used that color to paint the roof and the decoration elements, and simple white to paint the four walls.


All in all, the deck house looks pretty to me, although I have to put it aside, as there is still much to do with the deck before I get them installed.







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Let's not forget about the planking of the hull. The process went on, by creating one long strake out of two 380 mm long strakes, soaking them, bending them and nailing them in place.




As I approached to the finish line, I also had to measure and cut and sand the ends of the strakes to fit into the remaining place.




And finally I was able to finish the first layer of planking, both sides of the ship, hurray!! :cheers:



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I join to hurray !!!


Considering large gap this kit has between particular ribs, it looks very nice


As I was told in similar situation, take a little rest, take a beer, music, staring to the wall ... and think about second layer of hull ;)

Edited by Nenad M
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