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US Constellation - Artesania


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Hello all


Well I am about to embark on this model, this is my second build so still a novice.


Does anybody have any advice out there on the do's and don'ts of this particular model.


All help appreciated !!!





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Hi Mat,


Welcome to MSW.   There's one other build log out there:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/6261-uss-constellation-by-jlheureux-al-185/   Mine won't count since it's a heavy bash and there's a scratchbuild but it's not at all like the kit.


Start a build log when you're ready in the kit area.  It will be the fastest way to get help and encouragement.

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I'm just at the end of building that kit and it's been years since I began construction, so I'll try and tell you what I can recall. Keep in mind I am also a novice(at best) to this sport.


Read all the instructions, look at all the photos and drawings before you begin. Some things need to be done in a different order than the kit outlines. If you want sails on it, that process needs to begin sooner in the rigging section. As Tom said, finish the lower gun deck completely before you cover it up with the upper decks, so that will mean skipping over to the carraige buildup. Some of the pieces, such as the head cap for the small masts aren't the correct size. The head cap is drilled too large for the mast and you will need to make your own if you want it to fit correctly. This is just one of the things you will come across. Others will arrise but they are not hard to correct. One issue I still have is the aft cabin windows. The ones supplied in the kit are flat pot metal and they are supposed to be mounted on a curved surface. I,m considering making them out of wood.  


I would suggest buying rigging line from another source and not use the supplied line. I had an issue with running out of one size and could not find more to continue the build. You can find good line from many sources in quantity and it will never be an issue. Hey Mark! What's that site? Oh, here it is:http://www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com/miniature-rope.php


Just some thoughts, Mat. If I think of more I'll get back to you.



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I agree with what has been said completely. Read through it all carefully. I found this whole kit is more advanced than my first and also more detailed so you gotta think ahead to what each step means and once you get to rigging be darn sure what every single piece of thread on the rigging diagrams represents in terms of function and where it ties off before you get started.

Thanks for referencing my build folks! It's an honor to be cited as someone who has it even half right. Lol.

Double planking is very different from single planking, that was another big change from my first. That thin laminate for the second layer of planking is super frogging brittle. I recommend moisturizing it in a humidifier before working with it to keep it nice and supple.

The only real trick is the lower gun deck. Rig all the cannons before you out on the upper deck and also measure many times where those gun ports go in relation to the gundeck, the cannons, the ladders, as well as the shrouds you will need to eventually add.

Check out my pics and if there is anything I can do to help hit me up with a private message or on my thread. I can take more pics if you need em.

I'm about 4 months into this build with lots of breaks.

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