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Beginner question - should I use primer?

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You have ask a good question. But I do think that your going to find that the answer might come down to what you decide (the answer can go both ways). I will be watching to see what people say. Thank for asking. Do start a build log.


Joe :D


Go MSW :) :)

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On raw wood always use a primer or a sander sealer. What this does is to seal the pores of the wood. After sealing dust off the "fuz" with 400 grit sand paper. Do not use a laquer based sanding sealer with a brush as it dries too fast and will not give you a smooth finish. Try to use a primer of the same brand of paint you are using for your top coat .With acrilic paint use a synthetic bristle brush  Take your time and brush in one direction, and remember two thin coats are better than one thick one.

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