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  1. Try this. Get some hydrogen peroxide, put some in your mouth-- not a lot, just a little. Hold it for about 2 to 5 minutes, then spit it out. DO NOT SWALLOW IT. You will probably have to do this several times a day until things clear up. This is what I had to do on and off for years, it cleared up the infection but I eventually lost the teeth. The best thing was that with the infection cleared up the pain was gone. Good luck.
  2. Western Flyer is being reconstructed in Port Townsend Washington. There is a series of vidios on you tube about the ship and a short history.
  3. The backstays are what's called running backstays. If you look at the photo you will see a block on the backstay on each side,one on the port side and one on the starboard side. When in use the weather side is kept taught and the one on the lee side is slacked off. On a down wind run the lee side is unhooked from the deck eye bolt and run forward to the mast. I hope this explanation clears up your rigging quandry.
  4. If you would like to save $200 go to Articles Database located at the top of the opening page. Everything you need to know about planking is in there, along with a lot of other information pertaining to ship model building. Articles about planking ,rigging, painting ,etc.
  5. re; lost rigging thread : If you google Woody Joe there is a web site showing their products. To find it scroll down until you see a site written in Japanese with a box to translate. In there is a section that has the thread you're looking for.
  6. For a wealth of information on the SCHARNHORST go to www.maritimequest and click on links on the title page.Some good stuff there.
  7. Try this. Using a 1/16" drill, drill a line of holes about an 1/8" apart away from the line. Don't force the drill. When that's done connect the " dots" with the xacto knife. Again don't force the tool. You will have to go over the cut several times. Then sand to the line.
  8. Here is a web site you will like. maritimequest.com Click on links on the title page then on the next page that comes up, click on Bismark Lots and lots of information on the Bismark, build history , war history, changes made during her life and quite a bit more,
  9. Google the W.T. Preston, a stern wheel steam boat used as a snag boat on Puget Sound for many years. The boat is now a museum in Anacortes Washington. Interesting history. I used to see her lead the parade through the Montlake Cut on opening day of yachting season from Lake Union to Lake Washington.
  10. Blue Jacket Ship Crafters, in their book department sells two books on pond models. Both books are by M. de Lesseps. They are Pond Models and Pond Yachts How To Build And Sail Them. These books may have the information you're looking for.
  11. Hi Maturin. I lived in Seattle for a number of years , and used to find specialty tools at a shop on Roosevelt Way N E. It's just north of the University Bridge. Hardwick and Sons, Inc. 4214 Roosevelt Way N E (206) 632 0678 Hope they are still their as it has been some time scince I I've been there They had at that time a case of imported tools ie small planes, squares, chisels. etc, Neat store,
  12. For any members who are using a Dremel 580 table saw, or are thinking of buying one on ebay, here's a web site you will find informative . karincorbin.blogspot.com. Some good tips on maintenance and simple repairs, blade alignment, slipping belt and stiff controls. I have one that must be close to thirty years old an is still going..
  13. I think Beef Wellington is right. There is a wealth of information on here but you have to dig it out. At the top of the web site page, NRG"S MODEL SHIP WORLD just to the iright of that heading there is The Nautical Research Guild home Page. Click on that.Scroll to ship modeling resources.Scroll down to Ship Modeling Database of Articles. Click onFraming and Planking. Don't let the number of chapters throw you. There is a lot of info there' all of which you may not need to use.but there are some gems in there that you can use You can do it. Take your time, but most of all ENJOY YOURSELF.
  14. In all probability the shrouds are held aloft by what is called a thumb cleat. The only way I can discribe one is to say , it would look like one half of a boom jaw, only much, much smaller mounted verticaly on the mast. The shroud has a eye spliced in the upper end which is slipped over the top of the mast and rests in the space created by the thumb cleat and the mast, thus keeping the shroud from slipping down.

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