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  1. My next step is the fancy rail and cap. I have been looking at many of the previously built models of the Fair American and for each one, it seems that the cap rail is done a bit differently on them. Also, the finish used on this part is also as different as the number of them being built. I am not sure how I want to proceed with this section. Any ideas? Jeff
  2. Here are 3 shots after installing the cap rail and my new cradle for building the ship. The plans showed the cap rail to be 1/16 x 3/16 which seemed very thin at first. But this is what I used on the bow part using a small sheet of 1/16 I had. From about frame 4 aft I used some 3/32 strip I had and then filled and finished by sanding some off to make the transition a bit less noticeable.
  3. Welcome aboard. The lines of the ship remind me a bit of the Revenge. Jeff
  4. Welcome aboard Frank. That looks like a wonderful model you have. Looking forward to seeing more. Jeff
  5. Welcome to the group. That is a lovely model in your picture. But, I think I enjoy the one's of your home area even more. It looks peaceful and tranquil. Jeff
  6. Welcome Edd. This is a great site for resources and support. It looks like you have a wonderful model that needs some TLC. You will get help from the folks here. I hope it is alright to post another resource on here. Pete Coleman has a forum for Victory builds. http://pete-coleman.com/forum/ Jeff
  7. Is this the Chris Watton designed Revenge? I have that one waiting in the shipyard. Jeff
  8. In regards to the aft framing and transom, I will need to check mine before I get that far. It may allow me to adjust the width of the transom as you mentioned. Of course, mine was one of the last kits, so it may not be necessary at all. Your model is coming along wonderfully Dave. Jeff
  9. Where did you end up getting this from? Jeff nvm, I see where you posted that you got it. thanks
  10. Hey Jerry, How goes your build. I have been working on the cannon and carriage parts. Trying to make the eyelets and rings for the carriage rigging look realistic. I saw a build for the AVS where the carriages are about the same. The rings seemed to big for the scale, but I am trying to find a way to make them the right size and black too. Jeff
  11. I would like to learn how to convert ship plans to model plans. I have read a number of topics here and on other sites, but am not grasping the information. Do they make "Dummies creating model plans from ship plans"? LOL Jeff
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