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Launch Bounty (Moved by moderator)


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Model Shipways provides one of the kits. You can get it in the US from Model Expo. I think they ship to Australia, too, but it is probably expensive. I think OcCre provides the other kit, and I know they are quite different. For instance, the OcCre kit has a bowsprit and the MS kit does not.

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Hi Saph, when I built my Bounty Launch I compared a few of these models to AOTS:Bounty by Mackay. If you look at my build log you will find scans of relevant pages from different sources when I was checking historic accuracy (link in my signature). Here is a run-down of several different kits:


Artesania Latina Bounty Jolly Boat, 1/25 scale, 415mm length: http://www.artesanialatina.net/articulo.aspx?ref=19004&des=hmsbounty-jolly-boat-velas-cosidas


This is NOT the Bounty Launch as sailed by Bligh, rather it is an interpretation of the Jolly Boat, which was used for lighter duties. The plywood keel and ribs will be on display, and you will easily be able to see the laminations, so these should preferably be painted over. Otherwise, wood quality is typical Artesania Latina, meaning very good. Pre-sewn sails are included. Instructions are very good, featuring a full colour booklet and a sheet of poorly translated instructions - but this should be enough to help you build the ship.


OcCre Bounty Boat, 1/24 scale, 435mm length: http://www.occre.com/model-ship/bounty-boat.html


This boat is probably most accurate to the plans provided by Mackay. (Note that I did not say that it is the most historically accurate, because nobody seems to know what the actual Launch looked like). Every detail seems to be true to Mackay - the kit includes a bowsprit, windlass, and hoist. Also, rigging of the masts includes deadeyes. All these are absent on the Model Shipways kit. Unfortunately, again the keel and frame are cut from plywood, meaning that it will be on display. OcCre was founded by a group of former Artesania employees - so the wood is excellent. Instructions are also very good. I think that the sails are also pre-sewn, although my recollection is a little sketchy.



Model Shipways HMS Bounty Launch, 1/16 scale, 438mm length: http://www.modelexpo-online.com/product.asp?ITEMNO=MS1850


This kit deviates from the other two in several ways. It is the ONLY kit to be built over a plug. It is also the only kit to feature laser cut planking strakes, so you don't have to taper planks yourself. Every part of the boat is made of limewood. Limewood is a rather unattractive wood, although it is easily worked. You will have to stain it or paint it. I chose to do both. Instructions are excellent, BY FAR the best instructions you will ever see included in a model boat kit. Unfortunately, the kit deviates from Mackay and other sources in a number of ways, although most of these can be rectified by kit bashing. For example, the kit features gunwales - a feature missing in other sources I looked at (Mackay, NMM).


If you want a kit that looks closest to the Launch as set out by Mackay, I would recommend the OcCre. If you want an easily built boat, I would go Model Shipways. Good luck with your choice.

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Thanks guys.


As usual both kits have good and bad points it seems .


KeithW: did you get your kit from the US . Can you remember the freight costs.


I notice the Modellers Shipyard in Australia has the OcCre model



Decisions decisions

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Not sure if this is the proper place, but didn't see anything better.  Hope this is NOT considered a hi-jack as that was not the intention.


Can anyone tell me why the Bounty Launch, as done by Model Expo (or Shipways) uses cherry wood for the frames as the rest of the boat is done in basswood?


I'm going to order some additional wood (breakage/upgrade) and was debating using maple as opposed to cherry.  Definitely gonna use maple for the planking but not sure about the frames.


Any comments or sure knowledge?

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I know some folks substituted basswood for the cherry, especially if they painted the insides like Keith said. It is a lot easier to bend. I wanted the inside natural and used the cherry, which did have a lot of breakage but I liked the final look of it. And Model Expo supplied more cherry square stock when I asked for it so I had enough to finish.

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Sapphire - I chose the Model Shipways kit because this would be my 1st attempt at planking a boat. The parts that came with this kit are good quality in details. The kit includes 5 sheets of plans and an illustrated instruction manual to assist the build. Keep us informed and a good build on which ever one you choose!

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