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I recently picked up some anigre and makore atmy local Macbeaths hardwood store and I was wondering if anyone has used these for modeling? The anigre looks very nice with just wipe on poly but it shows little flecksof grain when stained... I was thinking of using it for framing timber, itis a bit lighter color than boxwood and softer too but I think it would look good when contrasted with a darker planking material like pear or the makore I also picked up. Any input on either of these woods appreciated.


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I believe Anigre is also called Longhi. I have used a bit of it for interior planking; ceiling. I really like it, I can usually plane it in both directions and I like the soft yellow color. I intend to use it for the upper works, in place of Boxwood or Yellowheart.

Sorry, I've never heard of the other wood.

Hope this helps some.

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Well I cleaned up the boards and I must say I am liking these woods more and more. The makore looks alot like pear, a bit more grain to it but it is less than 1/3 the price, the anigre is just beautiful, holds an edge, machines well and easy to sand. Also less than 1/3 the cost of boxwood actually about 1/4 as much. I bought an 8/4 board - came out to just over 8 bf for $85

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