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  1. same period... same author 2 different ideas, 3 decks 104 guns 1690 and possibly Soleil Royal 1670
  2. In comparison with a 74 guns of 1780, 100 years later, the representation of 1680 looks like very weak, with also much less parts and surely less strong also.
  3. The next tool? Here is what I discovered today: GRS makes interesting tools. Here is a very interesting one. A 3D vise. Usually a vise is only adjustable in 1 direction but this one is adjustable in all directions. This would be the ideal vise for carving a figure head.
  4. First series of 3 series of notches is done and the marking of the second series is completed. Jigs and repetitiveness go together. They are very useful for markings and it is faster to use. Here are few examples:
  5. size: 2000 X 2000 pixels * resolution: 240 pixels/ inch adapted for screen sharpness * If I remember correctly, MSW allows a generous size for a photo to be 2000 by 2000. Unfortunately, almost nobody presents "large size photo". When a photo is presented on Facebook, by example, in a "small dimension", It is like showing nothing, because there is insufficient data to appreciate the content. You can get a $200 camera to photograph with a resolution of 4K. You cannot post a 4K photo, but you can scale it down and show a good detail which is going to be profitable, not only for you, but for every body also. But like the mystery of the Exacto, even if we tell them that they could use a sharper knife, they continue to use only the Exacto. Of course, there is no need to drive a Ferrari when a Mazda will bring you at the same place.
  6. A medal always has 2 sides. It is true that we see "new" imperfections with magnification and it is very frustrating at the beginning. The good side of it, if you take picture when you finish a section of the work, you will be able to see what needs to be corrected. We could call this tool "inspection by photography". After the make the small corrections, you take a second set of photography and you will be satisfy of your work. I think it is a good tool, to increase of one step, the quality of our work; but with miniature photos, it is impossible to do.
  7. http://www.hocktools.com/products/knives.html is the best steel grade I tried for a knife blade already made. Vossiewulf , a member of this forum, bought many knife blades and he gave me a knife handle and a blade. I resharpened the blade and this one of my best knife I use. The shape of the blade is something like between an exacto an a surgery blade #11 by Swann Morton. Hardened at RC62, it will not break like the surgery blade. Finding a GOOD blade, is only half the battle, Sharpening is the other half. A good waterstone is very helpfull. With the help of Vossiewulf, we covered these subjects inside my build log: starting at p.15. Having a well sharpened blade automatically means that... you will not need to use an exacto anymore because, in comparison, an exacto blade does not cut. But even if I write these words, many peoples will still continue to use an exacto. I guess that a good way to learn is to go by comparisons. If you never try another brand of knife than exacto, you will always think that it is the best blade and this will remain true, until you try a better one.
  8. Lee Valley has a very good green polishing compound. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/sharpening/compounds-and-pastes/32984-veritas-honing-compound It is use for a mirror bright finish and also it removes light metal fuzz created in sharpening at the apex (the meeting of the both sides of the blade).
  9. I guess that when we begin to build model ship in kit, there are a lot of things to learn. One of the first tool we buy is an X-Acto at the hobby store. Then we come to the MSW forum and we learn that there is so much more cutting than this hobby knife. This subject comes back very often in the tool section and the day you will try, a Swann Morton scalpel blade by example, you will never go back to X-Acto. A good knife is the first step, sharpening is the next one.
  10. This week, Began working on the knees (2 X 35), heads are still to be done.
  11. Hi Rick, As a matter of fact, René Nicolas Levasseur built 74 guns ship on the ST_Laurence in Quebec city in 1750. Unfortunately, no plans survived from this time. The best documents there is are the line of the frigate l'Abénakise when the English captured her.
  12. Mark you are right about it. There is a nice video on you-tube about a guitar maker using a lot of jigs... and he is producing one of the best guitars on the market. A jig facilitate repetition and it is faster to use. I do not think that it is possible to produce a perfect model, in my situation, I am sure that I cant, there are too many thousand operation to do with perfection . I try to do my best and I also try to make it look good. My goal is not to do a perfect model ship, it is only to have fun in the construction process. I guess we could that every model ship builder has his own speciality. As an example, I would name Alex for the best sail representation. Yours would be something like: "Research and Building parts with the best possible method" and you succeed well with this result : very clean parts.
  13. According to the company, this is good to cut... balsa, paper...

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