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  1. Sometimes it is difficult to make a part. This one, I did it 3 times. The first, I did not see the front view, so I mist an important detail. The second time, I did not use the scroll saw but the table saw, to achieve greater precision but more difficult to position the part. I took the measures between the blade and the fence but it did not work well. Third try, still on table saw, but this time, measures were taken the other side of the blade. It was easier to achieve better precision this way, probably because a better vision of the part to cut. Sometime, it is difficult to make a part and sometime it is difficult to find a good way to do it
  2. I just finished a major upgrade of speakers and settings. The last step is to choose a music provider Spotify or Tidal. Few other sets of notches are done on the deck beams, it is much easier while the deck beams are not glued yet. My helper was very happy to be photographed.
  3. Thank you all for your appreciation This morning, I tried to dig another layer to try understanding the difference of working at different scales.
  4. Between 1 /192 up to 1/24 scale, the main difference is: as much it is difficult to hold and to work with a small piece at 1/200, it is a lot easier to work and to hold a part in his hand. The smaller the scale, the more the details will literally disappear. Duration is relatively similar for 2 different scale. Space is a major factor; the largest and easiest scale to easily manipulate a model is 1/48. If you go larger, you will need few larger tools to cut and sand, Dremel will not be enough. Each scale has different challenges and need different tools. By opposition, to build a model at 1/200, yo will do a lot of work with magnifying glasses. To wear these require much more concentration; the smaller will be the scale, the greater will be the level needed and there will be almost no space to move the knife. Most of your energy will go on concentration. At 1/24 scale, you do not to spend your energy only on concentration. You can discover new kind of happiness which is impossible to discover at small scale. You will see more clearly, a lot of new details and you will be able to understand more how a real ship was build. Depending of the challenge you want to try, you can choose a different scale. You should not limit your choice of the scale, to the space it will fill. Nobody has space for a 1/24 model of 8 feet long. My house is surely not a big house, nevertheless, I have 3 models at that scale and every time, I begin a new one, I never know where it will go in the house.
  5. The best fence for an: an easy-to-set high-precision table saw fence would be to set the Accuriser instead of the plain fence. It is much faster to use than a micrometer and it is as much precise. The way it works: first you set the fence close to the desired width, then you micro adjust with the diagonal fence.
  6. Around 30 years ago, Dremel had a table saw, The fence was not very much effective. Somebody came with this kind of T square fence. It is a very simple tool to mill... the most difficult part is to find a steel sheet the same thickness as the blade to make the groove for the millimeter adjustment.
  7. you mean something like this, as much accurate but without all the unnecessary
  8. probably Proxxon For micro milling not deep in soft metal or plastic or wood. To use a drill press for milling is the best way to see the vise dancing on the table.
  9. Inside decks, below the first deck, was the job for 2019. Next year, the job will begin with the deck beams for the first deck and I just finished most of the notches of the deck beams.
  10. Does Belishi includes Working distance? If not, I would be skeptical to buy it! A comfortable distance to work with is usually greater than 10 inches, when it is too close, it is not very much user friendly.
  11. Do a research (top right of the page) with "optivisor", you will find answers.
  12. A nice background is important. A nice color background can be very nice: A color background is easy to do. A black background is very easy to do. A white background is very difficult to do. Black or white are usually the nicest one.

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