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  1. photo 1 few words about Ebonizing which can be good ... or bad photo 2 a letter from Boudriot explaining which lines are tarred and which ones are not. The line for the steering wheel is not tarred and few others. photo 3 a drawing showing how the tiller is well maintained in his trajectory
  2. I built one about 25 years ago. I used 4 rods with a chain sprocket welded on each one. A chain was moving the 4 posts at the same time for the table elevation. It was replaced 15 years ago with one who has a table feed under the roll. This way, you do not have to push the wood strip.
  3. Thank you Bossman, Mark, I checked the phone camera, and it is possible to focus and even lock the focus on a photo. I guess as many phone camera as many different properties, so there are probably no standard. It is impressive to see what a phone camera can do. The phone camera can replace: 1 camera with 3 lens: wide, close, and tele-zoom.. The camera lens give good photo and 1 of the reasons is because they have a large opening (F). Good quality photos are possible, and it could be a good choice for a model ship building camera at 1/10 of the price of a bigger camer
  4. Mark, as usual I do not know the answer, but for the french ships, it was lead plates which are more convenient, I would think than jumping over a brick step every time you com close to the stove.
  5. Hi Mark, You have a good question but I could not tell you how does it works because it is too much new for me. I know that touching the screen will be where the focus will be done. For these photos inside the model, I cannot see what the camera sees so I transfer the image in the tv to see what the camera sees. I probably just looked at the back. I use the camera from Lighroom mobile and my first goal was to learn synchronization between Lightroom and Apple. By default Lightroom want to sync everywhere and this take a lot of cell time. I had to find where lI had to unc
  6. Which one of these miniature plane works better? Yesterday, I tried these 4 at Lee Valleys I will divide in 2 categories: -the 2 top ones are about 2 inch long and are very nice to look. They made replicas of much larger tools which are made to be hold with 2 hands. At a small scale, it does not hold easily in the hand. -the 2 at the bottom. Let's begin with the right one. About 3 inches long, it works very well and easy to handle. But I did prefer the last one, the left one, because of the size. It holds easily in the palm of the hand and it is easy to control. I wanted
  7. I did not see what these 2 articles talks about but I do not think that this groove has revolutionized the rudder. I would say that instead, they improved the aerodynamic of the shape Here is a photo in a more modern approach, an it is free.
  8. There is no need to copy the entire 5 pages. Somebody who did read this article, could have given us an idea in 1 paragraph. This way, everybody, could advance in ship modeling.
  9. Mark, it is a very simple modification, but the question apparently will remain: Did it work?
  10. It was Jaager who posted it. About the groove in the rudder, Boudriot noted it in the 74 guns volumes but he did not say when it began and neither do I know.
  11. I do not know if you can or not. My understanding is that you can if: -you quote the source -as long as it is for information purpose only, not for commercial use.
  12. Thank you Allen, Karl, the rudder was made with 3 big trees like the 3 paper bands to the right. Big nails hold the parts together (The forth part would be fragile to these nails). The number 1 shows a 45 degrees bevel which also is drawing as if there was a fourth part. If you look the drawing from Boudriot, you will see that the hinges are at 45 degrees too. Jaager, I do not have the journal, if you could show us a picture, it could be nice.
  13. I tried at least 100 kind of wood for model ship building... but at the end I use only cherry wood. I buy big quantities of cherry for model ship building. About 40% is suitable for planking. 55% is suitable for frames and the rest. Less than 3% is not suitable to use when the grain is perpendicular to the length of the planks. Easy to works and very easy to sand. It sands like European pear wood which is the favorite of many peoples, but is has no wood grain and wood by nature have a wood grain. But at the end, the choice of the wood is a personal taste and some wood, mainly
  14. Thank you very much Mark. You know, the best thing about trying to explain in writing a fact, is that it also helps you to understand. There is a groove on the back of the rudder. It is supposed to improve the efficiency of its control by maintaining the current of water in its extension. The rudder is controlled by the tiller. If the tiller breaks, a hand controlled tiller can be installed. The wood parts of the rudder are almost complete. The metal parts will be next.
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