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  1. When I bought a house, I had 2 choices: buy a big one or buy a small one with tools. I do not have a big house... so storage is important and it takes many chest with many drawers. It is preferable to have many low drawers than big high drawers because if you store just a few tools in a big drawer, you can lose easily more than the half of the volume of the drawer. In the workshop, the big tools are close to the walls because they do not move. The others are on wheels and they can move as needed. Like a chameleon, the workshop has many colors. It can be transformed in few minutes i
  2. For the last 2 weeks, I continued the ceiling lighting. The first upgrade was to continue to replace fluorescent tubes with LED tube. The cost is becoming more reasonable as time goes. This is the easiest way to get a very interesting lighting. Also, I continued the studio lighting with video LED panels on the ceiling which are very helpful for photography. Usually when we have one light fixture, it is installed on a tripod. But when many lights are used, the footprint of all the tripods on the floor is embarrassing because it is difficult to move around easily. The easy way to r
  3. Thank you for your comments. All the following photos are from the little action camera:
  4. both works well, the main difference dremel is probably with american thread and proxxon with metric thread. They are made differently at the bottom. For the Dremel at right of the photo, I use mainly this one because I had the die to do the threading to do an adaptor to use with an electric pen that we can see on the first photo.
  5. Dremel and Proxxon make 3 jaws drill chuck. Dremel started to sell it about 20 years ago. I use both with success. I must be very careful to insert a #80 drill bit, it is very easy easy to insert it out of center. The best way I found to insert it is to close the jaws as much as possible before inserting the drill bit. I always test run the drill bit before drilling and if the drill bit has a run out, I recenter it and it always fix the problem.
  6. This is the first time I see a home made sander with an automatic feed by hand, very cleaver!
  7. Learning to find a good knife looks like to be very easy. In fact, it is much more complicated. When we begin the hobby of model ship building, one of the first we will use is a standard hobby knife like Exacto. Until you find a better one , we will think the Exacto is the perfect knife. On day you discover the Surgical blades which performs better than an ordinary blade. There are many blades but #11 is the most used. For the light work, it works very well. If you are never going to do bigger work, you could stop your search there. The question now is: Is there a knife
  8. As the doctor said, scalpels were never intended to cut wood. For small uses, it cuts well but for larger ones, it is worthless especially when you apply a small tangential push, it often breaks.
  9. this was covered few days ago in the same section: Photo of a test showing how a knife can cut: If you compare the results, you can clearly see how a standard exacto blade is not performing very well, in fact that blade got the worst results! Understanding what bis a good hobby knife is not as easy as we could thing
  10. Hi Amalio, Could you tell us: the kind of wood and the finishing product you apply on the wood?
  11. -Inevitably, time will darken the wood color, so no color change is almost impossible, unless you completely block the light of the sun with a color paint. -If I understand well, Mike would prefer no wood color change. Does not, that this mean, that the color you apply will change with time? -If you would know that you can get the final color of the wood with 1 product, would you use it?
  12. John, you simply click on the red banner and you will go directly to74 gun ship p.29 and you scroll down the page
  13. I think there are more important aspects of a knife: - different blade shapes - sharpening: water stone, truing stone, leather strop - type of steel -detail knife fabrication -testing different blade shapes -sharpening test - buffering - hand sharpening - knife handle Vossiewulf and I discussed these subjects in my building post of the scratch building section, p. 29: I did regroups the post in 1 .pdf file. May be it could be interest for some peoples.
  14. far from perfect, but thank you Jorge I will try to upload a .pdf file. I do not know if it will work. I have assembled the content of this log from page 15 to 20 in a .pdf file, but only parts about about my search about knife, blade and sharpening. May be it could interest somebody. Anyway, I did enjoy doing this search with the help of Vossiewolf. What is a good knife.pdf
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