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  1. Druxey, I have already bought a new fixture and I am still testing it. Wefalk, 1-LED lighting is progressing very fast. The beauty of these new generations LED panels is that they are getting closer to a light which enables to take a photo and getting the real color of the object. Mainly, LED panels are divided in 2 groups: daylight or bi-color. If you want to get the most lux you will get the daylight option and you will be close to the color. On the other end, if you are in a mix light situation and want to improve th quality of the lighting, you will
  2. I am actually writing a small chapter exploring ways to photograph a wood scale ship. Taking a photo is not only about a camera but it is also about Lighting. So here is an overview of the tools we can use:
  3. Ship' double wheel: Some are from a Go pro camera. It is possible to correct image distorsion and other characteristics in LIghtroom which has the profile of many camera and lens.
  4. Using a black background is one way to do it. To do it, you need a black background. There are other methods to do it and you do not need a black background: Here are 2 examples: - Using a flashlight when it is dark at a few feet from the model to photography. - Using a flash. This can be done during the day in a room not over illuminated. Again, the idea is to be close to the model because the light of a flash falls very fast in intensity with the distance. If you use the flash at a great distance, you will "loose the black background and you will
  5. As a model maker, it is fun to use a mill. But a milling machine was never created to shape wood. A milling machine is made to work with metal, a hard material to work by hand. Is there a piece in a model ship that needs to be done absolutely with the mill? The answer is no. But, on the other end, it does not mean that a milling machine cannot be useful. Here are some examples.
  6. I control the white balance in the workshop at 4300-4500 degrees Kelvin when I want to take photos. The reason is very easy. If I take a photo with white, I do not want the color to be red or yellow or blue, I want it to be white. WB is only to tell the camera what the colors should look like.
  7. To take a perfect photo with a white background is quite difficult. To take a photo with black background is so much easier.
  8. After some thinking... well, I could not build it at 1/12 scale. There are physical limitations to the scale we can build: frigate: 1/12 scale, 74 guns: 1/24 no rigging. 74 guns, 1/36 with rigging To build a 74 guns at 1/12, it would be the outside only. The most difficult parts to build ( or more precisely, to reach) are in the hold. By example, physically at 1/24, the maximum span I can reach with my arms is in the hold.
  9. I could build (just the hull) in the basement at 1/12 scale... but it would be impossible to take it out! At 1/24, I would like to build it because visually, it is a very nice looking ship and also the figurehead is ... just superb!
  10. This question has been asked many times in this forum, it also has been answered many times. Jean Boudriot in the 74 guns books describe this subject very well. Here is an example of linen threads died.
  11. Binoculars are even more. There are 2 big differences between these 2. With an optivisor you have a greater field of view With the binocular the field of view is much smaller. Also if you take an optivisor at 2,5 X and compare with a quality binoculars also at 2,5 X, the details will be much better with the binoculars. These 2 in a way are not comparable; a binocular is a high precision instrument (not at $ 35) and the optivisor is far behind.
  12. I have 2 pairs 2,5 and 4X. Working with these is restrictive but you will see more clearly very small objects. Buying too cheap meaning cheap glass quality; well I do not think it will help you very much. One of the important factor is the working distance. It is more natural to work at a greater distance than 12 inches by example. Also you will need more light to see clearly. The best are actually the led lights.
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