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  1. Mark, the last one are from a small action camera Go pro hero 9 with a standard lens, they also have another one that I did not try. Camera is 1 thing, but not enough fir the inside; lighting is also very important. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=photography+led+lighting&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 As an example, for around $100, you can have a decent LED lamp which compares to nothing as a standard working lamp. I learned to use these for photography and now I also use these to work. It is like trying to work on an height adjustable table. Ounce you tired it, you never go ba
  2. Thank you Michael But my photos are real stairs... In fact, one of the the predefined goals for this build, is to be able to see inside the model ship. The first thing to get there; no deck planking; that is the easy part. trying to capture some photographs showing this, is a different approach. I am exploring 3 ways to look inside: from the top at an angle between 30 and 45 degrees to try to see multi level decks. Finding the perfect angle is not easy. Lastly photos inside the model with a small camera. In fact, the inspiration probably came a long
  3. Thank you or your comments but taking photos inside the model is very difficult to get the perfect LIGHTING. This morning, I tried another set of photos, still with different settings and still the results are not there... I am sorry I cannot get the correct lighting. The photos are done with a small camera action, half the cost of the Go pro. Does this camera would be better? I do not know. In this set, I tried to have less "orange color" in the photos and this is the results.
  4. Presentation of the build, I would say, is as much important as the construction of the build. One of the things to do is to take sometimes to take photos. There are some basics rules to follow by examples when taking photos inside the model the photo must be well horizontally. When taking photos, I try to take photos at the height of the human eye at the scale, this provide a more natural photos look. By contrast, photos taken too high do not look as well. This morning, I tried another series of photos.
  5. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/196-hms-bellona-1760-by-sjsoane-scale-164-english-74-gun-as-designed/page/65/ We talked about this subject in Mark logs and I also tried to think about this subject in a previous post. The French practice was probably similar. The simplest solutions are often the best solutions. Also, near the capstan, the tenon had a hinge, something like a door hinge of that time at the top of it. Again, here is the photo of Giorgio who did a nice representation to show how these tenons were lifted. On the previous photos, I did only th
  6. Ok Mark, I erased them! 2020 objectives, first deck completed, and still 1 1/2 month to go. This model is more oriented on carpentry, so no cannons will be install. Parts for the first deck are glued. As usual, 1 coat of tung oil us applied. On the previous models, I tried 2 and 3 coats, and I prefer the 1 coat application, just enough to accentuation the wood grain. At the opposite, too much tung oil will create a transparent thickness, a varnish look, and I do not want this effect. Most of the photos are done with small camera Yi 4K.
  7. photo 1 : post experiences; if the height of the post: - is finely adjusted, it is easy to install - is too high, it needs great forces to install Now, if we translate to the ship, I believe the same principles applies, for the height of the post. We often see metal rods at the each end of the post because this is an easy way to install on a model. I do not believe that this can apply in a full scale model. So, for today, my solution is to carefully adjust each post. No notches on the deck,
  8. Construction of the bread oven and the entrance of the anchor cables in the hold. On the drawing , we see the shape of the bricks. The assembly is made on a wood form. All the holes are filled with wood putty made of saw dust and glue. 2 actions are done so that the glue does nit stick to the form: adding oil and car wax. Finally, the painting. Here is how I think "the cage" could be done. Below the oven, we need 2 things so that the support of the oven does not burn. Just under the oven, there could be thin plates and or a brick thickness. In the bottom half of t
  9. Thank you Jorge and Bradley Notches for the second deck are mostly completed but nothing is glued yet on this deck. Still other parts to fabricate on the first deck.
  10. Hi Jorge I bought these at Lee Valley a long tome ago, they do not sell it anymore. They are 1,5" long. I do not know where to buy others. Another solution, would be to make a few ones as Mike did in a few posts. Or continue the search on Internet with: toolmaker machinist parallel clamps. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Parallel+Toolmakers+Machinist+Clamps&ref=nb_sb_noss https://taytools.com/products/toolmakers-machinist-parallel-clamps https://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-Machinist-Toolmakers-Parallel-Clamps-1-Pair/T10079
  11. 2 photos later 544 notches on the deck beams of the second deck depending of the attitude you choose to do it, it can be fun
  12. thank you for enjoying the painting, looking back at it, I would say that this model, about at 1/36 is standing almost in a dangerous position and it is difficult to know if they consider the model ship as a toy or something else? 2 more parts completed, the railings on the first photo, we can see where the steps are inserted and where the part holding the steps re coming from, This way it is very easy to do as many parallel staircase steps as you want.
  13. I saw of similar photo: a wooden jack screw for repair of cart and wagon wheels. (Ethnographic Museum of Elhovo, Bulgaria) Unfortunately, the date is not written. It is clear that both french and english used something to remove pillars when needed to use the capstan. How often did they have to remove the pillars? When they needed to use the capstans as winches for anchors, sails etc.. Probably that the pillars were in place more than 90% of the time. How much did they have to lift the deck beams? A fraction of inch, no problem, few inches to clear both tenons at
  14. Thank you Thomas, Here is a photo of my family playing with a model ship... In fact, this painting was auctioned at Charles Miller LTD. Beginning staircases, 2 will have stair railings.
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