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MicroLux Drum Thickness Sander

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I found this while looking into designs and methods of thickness sanding.


I know it's not up to Jim's standards but...

Has anyone used one ?

The design look's good. Bolted down to a bench for sure.


Any comments...

Regards Antony.

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I've got one it's not a bad tool.  It won't do production work or take a large amount of material off on one pass but for what it does, it does it well.   I've thicknessed ebony, boxwood, cherry, and am currently running swiss pear through it.  Depending on the wood, one might need to swap out sanding drums for a different grit.


Mine's NOT bolted down as I move it about from bench to storage to outside, etc.  As long as the wood isn't forced through, I've no problem.  It takes a bit of practice to find the feed rate. 


I'm currently re-thicknessing some 1/16" (about 2mm) strips down to 1/32" (about 1 mm) with minor issues such as if the piece slips out of my hand on the output side, it gets pulled back into the sander and destroyed pretty quickly.  I have it set, run the strip through to take it down and flip the wood over and do it again to smooth out that side also.  Bigger pieces of wood haven't been a problem.


A few suggestions... you'll need a pair of snap ring pliers for changing drums and belts and order some extra belts.  And by all means run a shop vac on the outlet port.  These things do dump out a huge amount of sawdust.


A good comparison is here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3393-thickness-sandersbyrnes-vs-micro-mart/

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