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HMB Endeavour by Adrieke - Artesania Latina - 1768 - scale 1:60 made to look like the replica at the ANMM

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Hi Adrieke,


I chose the HMS Endeavour as my first model. Currently I am on the last fixed rigging step and I am stumped as to its routing and attachment. Specifically, it is part #370 the Fore topmast stay sail rib. The AL directions are not clear. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Adrieke, Good to see you're back onto the Endeavour, looking forward to your progress. As for mine, she's in dry dock again for the moment but I keep eyeing her off (the Endeavour I mean) so there's a risk I might get some time to finish the 'fix-ups' that I have to do. 




Rowan D.

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Hi Guys,

I have been reading your notes on the Endeavor by Sjors and Adrieke and it has given me some good clues on checking things before glueing.As they say in the classics measure twice cut once.

While I am waiting for the new parts for my main build The Sovereign of the Seas I have decided to start the Endeavor as well to fill in my time of waiting.

I am starting to fair the first part of the bow and decided gluing the 3 parts together it appears to be easier to sand down all together constantly checking with the keel.

I have taken a couple of photo's but not sure how to post on here.



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