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  1. Congrats on the new purchase Jay! I am sure you will be whizzing out barrels and banisters in no time! I'll be watching for the videos!...lol
  2. Ok...time for a small update. I trimmed the bow to shape and added the other side of the hull. The bow actually came together pretty nicely! I would like to do some more this weekend. I think I will be able to get the first deck done hopefully. I still have to put the ribs inside of the hull. I have been busy tending to my wife's vehicle. Many repairs done this week so she can stay safe.
  3. David...Thank you for the heads up. I will look into this. I am already aware of a few issues from reading the other logs, but every bit of help is appreciated!
  4. This part of the hull construction is a little challenging for the first time ship builder. But I think I am doing OK. I have used push pins and clamps to get the sides to twist properly. I cannot think of any other way to do this except one side at a time. Here is a side view of the hull: Here is the bow-end of the inner hull: Here is the stern end of the inner hull. I found it very annoying that they cut the stern so long. I had to remove a good 3/4 of an inch of material to get it to match the frame level as required by the instructions. I found this angle hard to matc
  5. I got the last two frame pieces in and I have glued the bottom on. The bottom was very tight going in, but I managed. It looks good and straight. Next, I will do the sides and the knight heads. This may be tomorrow night if I can get some school work done tonight!
  6. Thank you for the encouragement! I got the last frame put in today. The frame will be dry and complete tomorrow and I will start to put the hull together. I'll take some more pics then.
  7. Thanks Grant! I am going to get another frame piece on tonight and the last tomorrow. I will start the hull this weekend as well. There should be a fairly steady flow of pictures from this point on, though some may just be small updates.
  8. Good day friends... I have started some work on the KoM build even though the shipyard is not quite complete. Today I cleaned the frame pieces and keel. I used a Dremel drum sanding attachment to just run quickly over the edges to remove the laser char: I was careful not to take too much material off of the edges. I then dry fitted the pieces into the keel and they all seemed to fit nice. Not too loose and not too tight. I used some 90 degree angle brackets to hold the frames into the keel so I can be fairly square when it dries: I was able to get all but two frames glued ont
  9. I am just starting this build. I hope mine comes along as well as yours has. I also hope your back injury heals in short time so you can stay ahead of me...I will need as many tips as I can get! Very nice work!
  10. Impressive as always! My first build does not have a lot of rigging, but I know my next build will be more rigging intensive. You have great tips and I am sure everyone appreciates your work as much I do!
  11. The planking is superb to this point. I did not expect anything less as you are a true craftsman. Sorry you are not so good at picking football teams. Stick to the ship building! Lovely work Augie!
  12. I now have electricity in the shipyard! Thanks for your patience. I have been working on the shipyard most of the weekend and have not touched the ship. But I can turn on the lights in there now, so it is worth it. Off to the Super Bowl party!
  13. Well that decking looks great. It almost looks like natural wear. I think this is the effect you were trying to display. Excellent work Sjors!
  14. Thanks Dragzz. I should be able to start some this weekend. I have to work on putting the lights up in the shipyard and I have a few papers to write for school as well. I have to figure out what I am going to use to square the frames in the hull while the glue dries. I do not want a whacked out hull when it is dry.
  15. Another great video Jay! Thanks again for your lessons! I think these look good close up, so they must look good when viewing the ship overall.
  16. Finally done with the inventory. Aside from what I have to cut from the lumber, all of the pieces are there, and there are some extras too, which makes me happy. Tomorrow, I will start cleaning the laser char off of the frames.
  17. Well I am now home from work. I will no longer be traveling all week long, so I can get some things done. Tonight I took some more inventory. I am a little over half of the way through checking the items list. I have 2 1/3 pages out of 4 inventoried. It takes a while to go through the parts. I can't resist looking at the picture manual to see what I am taking inventory of. Some of it is a bit hard to picture by the description. I think I may need The Chopper for this build. there are many cuts to make and many of the same length. The Chopper would help to speed up this process.
  18. Thanks for sharing this Jay. I enjoy all of your videos, so no need to for apologies!
  19. Dfellingham...You are correct Sir! Please provide us with another challenge!
  20. First Clue...This was not a fishing boat...
  21. LOL...moving on...The rigging is looking great Jay! It is always a please to see your work.
  22. This is the USS Fairplay...Built in 1859 and served in the U.S. Navy until August 9, 1865.
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