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Hull Lines Comparison article by Portia Takajian, regarding USF Essex


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Hi all, USS Frolick, aka, Steve, sent this to me with some other material and asked me to post it.  Not sure if it should be here or one of the other research forums so if it needs to be moved - mods please do so.


This article is from the old Model Shipwright Magazine, Steve could not provide the date so my apologies for that.  It deals with interpreting the body line drawings of the Essex comparing Hackett's, Baker's and Chapelle's drawings.  This was of particular interest to me since I am still working on my drawings of Essex for my scratchbuild.


Thanks Steve!


Hull Comparison Portia Takajian.pdf

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Sigh, this seems to be one of the greatest  drawbacks of re-drafting contemporary plans :(

Give a particular contemporary draught to five people for re-drafting, and the resulting lines would vary from one draughtsman to another.

Reminds me of a class experiment on inter-observer bias wherein letting several students measure the volume of liquid in a graduated cylinder would result in varying results from each student  :P

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