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Holding yards in place


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I am building a scratch model of HMS Bounty 1/60 and am ready to start mounting the fore yard. All the blocks are in place but now I need to rig the jeers to the yard. How can i hold it in place while I run the line through the jeers, seem a very fiddly thing to do. Any ideas?


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Greetings mal...


Yes, a pain in the nuts. I start the rigging on the yard, then raise the yard via the upper jeers. The upper jeers can usually provide enough resistance to hold the yard up while you complete the rigging. Once roved, you can tighten/loosen the lines as appropriate to adjust the yard to proper height. Don't forget the yard slings. I expect this is how it was done on the actual ship.



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The lower yards were held close to their masts with either a Truss or a Parrel,not sure which one would have been used on the Bounty. With the yard sling fitted you should have no problem with rigging the jeers as the yard will stay in place.


Dave :dancetl6:

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On the actual ship the jeers would have been rove with the yard athwart the bulwarks on the fo'c'sle.  The yard would then be swayed up using the jeers, and the truss tackles would be bowsed down to snug the yard in to the mast.

That should give you plenty of support and room to rig the jeers.  Plus you will end up with a realistic amount of halyard to belay/coil.

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