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Hi does anyone own an occre portable workbench and if so could you please provide me with the dimensions. I am particularly interested in the internal dimensions once the build craadle tray has been placed back on top.


Also, any thoughts on this piece of kit would be beneficial.





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  • H.M.S Diana 1794 - Caldercraft 1:64 Scale


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I do not buy it, because I have no place to put it, but you can see some pictures and size on the official website of Occre, are only in Castilian (Spanish) but you can translate it with Google.


With pictures, you can get an idea of the size and if practical.



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You can find a nice write up of this workbench in NickvN's Hermione La Fayette build log, starting with this post - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/2649-hermione-la-fayette-by-nickvn-artesania-latina-second-wooden-ship-built/?p=221634


He got it as a gift and shows some very nice pictures and speaks about it during later posts in the logs (within the next page or two, easy to find just scrolling through).


Hope that helps out!

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I had one and sold it on before I constructed it. I think to be honest it is quite an expensive thing for what it is and I couldn't honestly recommend it. Their kits are good though !

Current build : Fokker Dr 1


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Previous boat builds:

Yacht Mary

Artesania Latina Red Dragon (Modified)

Non-boat build 1/24 scale Dennis bus by OcCre - in shore leave.

Mare Nostrum (modified)  Amati Oseberg (modified)  Chaperon sternwheel steamer 1884   Constructo Lady Smith kit/scratch build   

OcCre Santisima Trinidad Cross Section 

Constructo Robert E Lee Paddle Steamer  Constructo Louise, steam powered river boat   OcCre Bounty with cutaway hull 

Corel Scotland Baltic Ketch (not on MSW) OcCre Spirit of Mississippi paddle steamer (not on MSW)

In the Gallery:
 Mare Nostrum   Oesberg  Constructo Lady Smith   Constructo Robert E Lee   Constructo Louise   OcCre Bounty   OcCre Spirit of Mississippi

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