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  1. Here in Catalonia I arrived a few days ago. Although there are only slightly more than 300 serious cases (out of a population of 7 million), today the decision has been made to suspend any school or university activity in order to control the expansion, although more than 80% of the population will experience COVID-19 like another flu, the risk is in the ancients and people with serious illnesses. Most public events where more than 1000 people can gather have been suspended, although I think that as long as 1000 to 100 meet, the contagion is the same. Teleworking has been advised whenever possible and staggered entry to companies to avoid crowds on public transport. The toilet paper is a mystery to most of the people who have not panicked. Fernando
  2. I am sorry to read this, although we do not know each other and from a distance receives my support. Your publications have been a source of inspiration for me. Fernando
  3. AL currently appears at the official level in a state that is known here as "concurso de acreedores" I do not know how it can be translated into English but it is like going bankrupt, now the company is in the hands of a "administrador concusal" It may be translated as bankruptcy administrator. I also started in this hobby with AL, my wife made the mistake of giving me the La Cancalaise kit and from that moment the whole house has a thin layer of sawdust.
  4. Hi You can find a lot of information searching in Google Turtle Ship in Korean: 거북선 You need to use google translate. Regards Belco
  5. Last Valentine's Day, it was my 34th anniversary in XEROX, as a service engineer, although some times me handle other functions within the company. Today repairing machines for high-volume printing. I started my steps in Barcelona (with all my hair and no glasses) continue to Valencia (11 years), Palma of Majorca (7 years) and back to Barcelona (Bald and wearing glasses). Earlier, at a young age, working in the maintenance and installation of radio transmitters for taxis, police, etc. And much further back as an errand boy in a neighborhood store. Regards Belco
  6. Planes of Santa Maria, there are as many as authors. At that time in Spain no plans were made, and were built according to the intuition of the "master of ax." I put two images, one from the Museu Maritim de Barcelona a plan prepared at the beginning of the last century and a plan of an Italian author. I hope you will be helpful. Regards Belco
  7. Elder Jim: The image is the galleon "Andalucia" docked in Oxford, Maryland, Is the reproduction of a XVII century Spanish galleon. Regards Belco
  8. The figurehead of the "Ninot" (little doll) is a sculpture carved and polychrome in nineteenth century. It represents a boy with the appointment of student nautical left hand and the hat in your right haand. After the scrapping of the ship on which was mounted, was hung long time in front of a tavern in Barcelona. It was so popular that not only gave his name to the tavern but also market all over Ninot neighborhood of Barcelona. Source: Museu Marítim de Barcelona The figure of ninot on the market of the same name The figure in its present location of the Museum Regards Belco
  9. A short video, which shows a replica of the royal galley, built in 1971 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, and who is in the Museu Maritim de Barcelona (mmb.cat). Is in Catalan but subtitled in English. The museum is in the building of the Royal Shipyards (Drassanes Reials) of the thirteenth century. Regards Belco
  10. Last week, the training ship Palinuro visited the port of Palamos (Girona, Catalonia). Enjoy the visit to take some photos. Belco
  11. When I mention my hobby with colleagues or friends, many say they want to do but are not able, even one has a bad model mounted in the closet and once one of them told me that we were like a cult. Belco
  12. A distributor of Seville (Spain), sells strips edged in darker wood, for example, ayous edged in black lime. Or strips slotted to insert a dark thread simulating caulking. This can provide new ideas for caulking. The web address is: http://www.modelwood.net/tienda/cubiertas-calafateadas/ Belco
  13. Hi loupy45 There had read your post until now, unfortunately in Barcelona there are very few shops dedicated to ship modeling, most prefer RC cars and planes. One is Palau, which is on the street Pelai, 34, Tel. +34 93 317 36 78, near Plaza Catalunya, just in center town- The website is: www.palauhobby.net It is interesting to get in touch with them before coming to the city to see if they have availability to email: slot@palauhobby.com I hope I have been late Belo
  14. Hello: I do not buy it, because I have no place to put it, but you can see some pictures and size on the official website of Occre, are only in Castilian (Spanish) but you can translate it with Google. http://www.occre.com/herramientas/mueble-taller-portatil.html#!prettyPhoto With pictures, you can get an idea of the size and if practical. regards Belco
  15. Incredible large amount of smoke, the second shot was blind in a day without wind. Belco

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