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  1. Best Idea!
  2. A little progress on a rolling parts. Probably all the children of the world play with LEGO...
  3. Yesterday brought the items for the workbench, three hours, and here is the result. This is my first experience in the construction of furniture, do not judge strictly, please! Jung , of course, helped dad! Where without it, he wouldn't even watch cartoons... To be continued...
  4. The landlady is my wife! I wanted to change the Wallpaper, but instead bought parts to build a work bench. To assemble the bench myself with youngest son.
  5. In January 2017, our family moved into a new apartment. Compartments on this "ship" has become more, so they gave me a room with a size of 7.6 square meters! But in February I have experienced two surgeries, so the equipment of the workshop is progressing very slowly! Today the result is:
  6. I'm enthusiastic!
  7. Your idea with the two machines very good! Beautiful work!
  8. Gaetan! Looking at Your workshop, I'm happy! That's something I should strive for! Bit of a pity the TV...
  9. Thank you all for your kind words of support! Home, home again! I like to be here, when i can... When i come home cold and tired, it's good to warm my bones beside the fire! (C ) (Pink Floyd)