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  1. Figuratively. On "war". With their own kind. For the competition!
  2. Danny! I the Wallpapers don't even look, I work here! I am creating!
  3. Clean and neat workshop is very good, but I like this situation!
  4. No, not tried. I don't like skeletons...
  5. Furniture Assembly completed! Begin Assembly!
  6. Thank you very much, Eddie!
  7. Eddie! A great cave! How do You clean the air when painting models? Can I have a look at this installation to clean and filter the air?
  8. Doc! I have no joy in my heart, there was an explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. In this city, my eldest son is there now. But he's okay, thank God! Sorry for off-topic!
  9. Sometimes said - not in money happiness! I agree, happiness is in the number!
  10. Another step to happiness...
  11. That's what man needs for happiness!
  12. Best Idea!
  13. Well done!
  14. A little progress on a rolling parts. Probably all the children of the world play with LEGO...