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  1. @jimvanlan99 Hello thank you for your positive Feedback, and to the others also thanks for the LIKES. So now the starboard battery is complete.
  2. Hello, thank you for the interest and the LIKES. This is how the gun looks full rigged on the model ship. It's pretty tricky to install the cannon on the deck. I replace the unsightly ropes in the hammock cranes with new, darker ones. I bought the previous ropes. But now I can make the ropes myself with my ropewalk.
  3. Fantastic detail! I have a penchant for the French ships of the 19th century. And the La Jacinthe is a wonderful example of the elegance of these sailing ships.
  4. Hello Patrick, that is a very successful detail. As always, high-class model making.
  5. Hello, Meanwhile, I have tried the final rigging of the 18 pounders La Crèole. To see how long the running part of the gun tackle has to be, I have chosen the first layout. The second arrangement is then the one used on the model.
  6. Albert, thank you for your interest and your kind comment. Many thanks also to all for the LIKES. As a supplement to the last report here are a few pictures for making and assembling the aprons of lead for the gunlocks of the 18 pounders.
  7. Thanks Sam, for your nice comment, and everyone else for the LIKES. In addition to the rigging for the cannons, I also represent the apron of lead. This apron was designed so that it has covered the entire gunlock of the cannon.
  8. Hello, It still needs to be clarified how the gun tackles are stowed. There are two ways to do this: version 1 version 2 The version 2 I consider the more authentic version. It also corresponds to the Paris model LINK and the illustrations from the book "Aide mémoire d 'artillerie navale 1850" LINK.
  9. @albert Hello Albert, I am particularly pleased about your statement, because it comes from an outstanding modeler. I hope I always explain it reasonably understandable, as I do not speak English very well.
  10. @vossiewulf Hello, completely correct. The first picture shows a master model. Overall, I have made four of them. This will reduce the mold cost. The length of this part is 2.8 mm, without pin. In relation to the individual production, it is not too expensive. Nine castes each 4 parts (36 parts) cost including shipping 36 €. Here is a LINK to a German jewelry foundry, just for example. I think there will be this in every country.
  11. @Bob Cleek Thanks for your contribution. And here is the sequel to the gun tackle. In the meantime, the eight pieces were made for the 18-pounders. Then the breeching ropes are attached to the guns.
  12. Gerald, that's model construction at the highest level. It is an honor that you let us participate.

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