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  1. @Jorge Diaz O Thanks ! Also thanks to you all for the LIKES. The ratlines for the mizzen mast are ready. The preparations for the futtock shrouds are in progress.
  2. @Keith Black Thanks for nice comment. Also many thanks for the LIKES. Another small stage of the standing rigg of La Créole has been completed: the ratlines of the mizzen mast are finished. The integration of the shrouded ladders and the signpost blocks is still missing. In the meantime, a small detail needs to be clarified once again. The side davits for the "Petit Canoes" of the corvette were made of iron and were lifted with a topping lift. These were shorn by single blocks on the mizzen mast. How these single blocks were attached to the eyes of the ring fitti
  3. With the autumnal weather, the motivation to do less popular work comes back, even if they are supposed to have a meditative character, at least that's the opinion of some of my fellow modellers ...😁
  4. @KORTES This is a beautiful showcase for a fantastic model ship. Congratulations for the completion.
  5. @garyshipwright Hello, I thank you for the recognition. Of course I also thank you for the many LIKES. Both motivate and give me confidence to continue. Moques de conduits: Mizzenmast I almost forgot about them, the signposts blocks for the mizzen masts:
  6. Continuation: Ratlines - Enfléchures With the lashing of the shroud ladder, the mizzen mast shrouds of the French corvette on the port side, including ratlines, could be completed. Now we continue with the ratlines for the starboard mizzen mast shrouds. See you soon ...
  7. @Vladimir_Wairoa Hello, thank you very much for the kind words and thanks to all the others for the many LIKES. Continuation: Ratlines - Enfléchures It's been quite a while since I finished the ratlines for the main mast shrouds. Especially with monotonous work, it is good for motivation to deal with other details, such as the signpost blocks, in between and thus provide variety. Meanwhile I am again dealing with the ratlines, namely those of the mizzen mast shrouds, as you can see on the following pictures. The binding of the eye splice at the first and last shroud I
  8. Today I once again felt the need to create a scene in the style of a historical postcard on the battery deck of the French corvette. The "Second Maitre" is from the book "La Marine" from 1843 after an illustration by Morel-Fatio.
  9. @Dziadeczek Thanks for your appreciation. I have already thought about that. No matter how cleanly you handle the glue, there is always a residue and you might see that. My philosophy in model making is, only as much glue as absolutely necessary.
  10. Hello, the first of these blocks was attached to the main shrouds. As an aid I used a wooden strip which was covered with a double-sided adhesive tape. Nevertheless it is a very difficult job to tie up these tiny pieces with Japanese silk yarn.
  11. @Dowmer Sorry, I will use the correct expression in the future. Many thanks for the hint.
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