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  1. I bought all of Bob Hunt's practicums because he offers a bundled deal. I've been using his Bluenose practicum to build the MS Bluenose. I've hesitated in engaging in this thread because I'm still early into the Bluenose build, using Hunt's practicum. So far, at the planking stage, I've been very happy with the the Bluenose practicum (I can't comment on the other practicums because I've not used them yet). As a complete novice builder, it's provided me with the hand holding that I feel I need. As others have mentioned, having access to a practicum is different from reviewing build logs however helpful the building community might be. The difference is not too different from reading a book to learn something and using google searches to learn the same thing. With respect to the Bluenose practicum being faithful to the Bluenose build, I kept in mind the fact that Hunt wrote it SPECIFICALLY for ABSOLUTE newbie builders, like me. So some steps have been simplified, etc. That said, I've also read in this forum that Hunt generally (i.e. even in his practicums for more advanced builds) is less good about rigging. I can see that being the case, as all of Hunt's POF models seem to be in the Admiralty style. This is merely my observation, not a justification for Hunt's approach. As for Hunt's personality "quirks," I should mention that I post regularly on his forums. I like his practicum and think posting on his forum is a way to support his business. I have, however, found from personal experience that he is fairly easily riled up. His buttons can easily be pushed, he seems very emotional and he seems to allow his emotions to sometimes overwhelm himself, and he may have a persecution complex (). But with a bit of emotional intelligence, it's fairly easy to anticipate what will set Hunt going. If it's important to you (as it is to me) to support his community, you learn to avoid pushing his buttons. For all I know, Hunt may read this forum and see this comment from me. I'm not sure how he might react! But it was important enough for me to provide my take on Bob Hunt and his practicums so long as it is helpful to others. Rabi
  2. Definitely. Money does not grow on trees! As others have said, there are tons of build logs for the Bluenose and other ships in the MSW forums. They should help you greatly whatever you decide to build. Best, Rabi
  3. Hi Bruce, I'm guessing that you are Canadian since you linked to Amazon Canada and the model you identified is the Bluenose from Nova Scotia. A wooden model of the Bluenose that is often suggested as a challenging first build is the Model Shipways Bluenose. You can find it on the Model Expo website ( It's more expensive than the one you linked to. But customer support is good. The other good thing about the Model Shipways Bluenose is that there's a good "practicum" for it produced by Lauck Street Shipyard. This practicum provides step-by-step instructions on the build as well as a list of recommended tools. The author, Bob Hunt, is also very helpful should you have any questions. Hope this helps. Best, Rabi