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    Flying GA aircraft and Gliders / Sailing and Old Ships
    Flight Simulation mainly Tube Liner Study Sims
    Models - Plastic Mainly Aircraft but a couple of S Boots in there
    A 90% Norske Loeve Originally Billings kit but a lot of scratch masts tops etc
    looking to build a POF next

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  1. Very nice clean build of an uncommon subject. Some nice diorama scenes and detailing in the winches/fittings and you have nailed the lighting - brightness level just right " in scale ?" Like the deck planking - what wood did you use ?? Cheers Pete
  2. love the coffee cup- nice detailing
  3. I learnt in school about a guy that used to spend a lot of his time working on ceilings - he did great work too. Called michelangelo or something like that... 🙂
  4. Hi Ed I want to say for me its been a "tour de force" of technique, master craftmanship and sharing that has kept me awed during your build - For me your build log is an unbelievable treasure trove of learning and I would like to thank you for the journey. Cheers Pete
  5. Hi Marsalv - All today I have had all sorts of high tech options from double ball races to modified live centers fitted with a mill bit flying around what grey matter is left - I should have known to first apply the old standby - KISS. - Thanks mate for putting me out of my misery - cheers Pete
  6. Hi Marsalv - Can't help but keep going back and admiring your work from start to date - just beautiful clean joinery especially the way you have cut the limbers - I was wondering if you could let us in on the secret ? It looks like some sort of collar around a mill bit which is guided by the batten and limits the depth ? I can't work out if its stationary or rotating with the mill bit - Could you enlighten me please. Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Dave - thanks for posting - reading the letter you could almost feel the pain he was feeling as he wrote - a man out of his time - the world is getting poorer every day - wont be sad when my times up just feel sorry for my kids. Cheers Pete
  8. Love it - Beautifully executed and a nice change of subject for a diorama - Pete PS - the lock on the door is a great micro detail in a scene of lovely details.
  9. Certainly looks the business - lovely work. Pete
  10. Hi Denis - been looking forward to another episode of this extraordinary build - beautiful work as always. Cheers Pete
  11. Get in on the start this time - great subject - Cheers Pete
  12. Beautiful build of an elegant subject - even looking through the close ups which are normally pretty brutal I couldn't see a hair out of place - Congratulations. PeteB
  13. Hi Michael I missed the start of your beautiful Cutter but have spent the past couple of days just taking in the craftsmanship of both the joinery and metal work. I got about a third the way through the build when I realized I wasn't going to remember the myriad of techniques you have so generously shared so I went back to the start with a pen and paper for a aide memoire. Thank you for sharing a beautiful build. Cheers Pete
  14. Hi Marsalv Can I add my congratulations to the list - even without seeing the competition it was a given that your superb work should have been rewarded as it was and I suspect Pandora will generate even more Gold wherever you choose to show it in the future. I was late to your build but have just gone through it in one sitting and intend going back through it again post by post with a pen and paper to record all the tips and techniques you have so generously shared with all of us here. I was particularly struck with your extensive use of milling to achieve the beautiful clean square edges on all of your work with no round off apparent to me at least from sanding. Look forward to your "Le Gros Ventre POF" with eager anticipation and hope to get in on the front row this time. Thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given me looking through your build and the skills you have generously shared. Regards Pete
  15. Hi Johann - been a silent admirer of your superb work through the build to date - Your rope with the weathered shade you have achieved in this last post is to my eye a superb representation of the real article - well done - Cheers Pete

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