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  1. Hi Mike, I did use the cloth from the kit but there was not enough. Since sewing is out of my league, I had a friend of mine who happens to be a seamstress, make the basic sails. She found more cloth that closely matched the kit. I had her stain the cloth with tea because it was very white. Real sails had a stained and weathered look. The tea did the job. When she delivered the sails, I added the corner cringles, the edge ropes, and the reefing ties. I think adding the sails makes for a more authentic model. It does however add a considerable amount of labor and supplies. Vince
  2. The new look to the site is great and very professional. Nice work everybody. Vince P.
  3. pirozzi

    Hello from therealangrysailor

    Welcome aboard mate and thank you for your service. Vince P.
  4. Great work. Such a small scale.
  5. Thanks Pete. It is fun to include as much detail as possible. The plans are very precise, but you really have to read them over and over to pick out every little detail.
  6. Completed the main mast and stepped it into the ship along with all of the standing and running rigging and the sails. Huge amount of additional rigging for the sails. Still have to complete the lower shrouds and braces. Next up is to complete the lower shrouds and rattlings for the foremast since the majority of the rigging to the decks is now completed. The remainder of the staysail running rigging ties off to the foremast shrouds before tying off to the deck. Vince P.
  7. pirozzi

    Another new guy

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  8. pirozzi

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  9. Welcome aboard mate! Very nice work. Your Dad was a skilled builder. I agree with the others. The only way to move them with some degree of safety, is to do it yourself. You could rent a small truck from maybe Uhall and secure them with mover's blankets and ties. Good Luck, Vince P.
  10. pirozzi

    Hi Y'all from Charlottesville

    Welcome aboard mate! Thank you for your service. Vince P.
  11. Splendid work. Vince P.
  12. pirozzi

    Hello from Freehold NJ

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  13. Finally another post. The mainmast is fully constructed and rigged. There was an enormous amount of work to complete this and that is why it took so long. I can only put in an hour or two here and there. I am partially furling the main course so the decks and their details can be seen on the finished model. Next is to step this mast to the ship and complete the standing rigging and belay all of the running rigging to the decks. Vince P.
  14. pirozzi

    British Beginner

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  15. pirozzi


    Very nice work. Vince Pirozzi.

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