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  1. New member intro

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  2. To the administrators or moderators: I long term member here and friend of mine is locked out of his access because of a password issue. He was able to contact you and you sent him by e-mail a link to change his password. Unfortunately he can not open the link and now he has no way to contact you. He goes by the Username: DenPink and his e-mail address is roberts.den@slingshot.co.nz in New Zealand. He contacted me to ask you for help. Can you maybe e-mail him a temporary password so he can gain access if possible, or send me a message with a password that I can send to him? Thanks, Vince Pirozzi
  3. 007.JPG

    Beautiful work Mark. A true museum piece. Vince P,
  4. Introducing myself

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  5. Never too late.

    Welcome aboard mate! Vince P.
  6. New to forum

    Welcome aboard mate. Vince P.
  7. New member from France.

    Welcome aboard mate! I too was a medic for 38 years before I retired. Vince P.
  8. Royal William by Vince P. Euromodel 1/70 scale as of 09/13/17 The hull is basically completed including the chain wales and deck fittings and the long boat. I have started on the masting. The jib boom on the bowsprit will be added after the foremast to minimize the possibility of breaking it off when rotating the ship for rigging. Most of the gunport lids will be added later. This project has taken me almost 4 years so far. Probably another 1 to 1-1/2 years to go. This is without a doubt the most challenging project ever for me. It is also the most fun I have had in this hobby as well. Vince P. Link to build log is below. http://modelshipworl...+royal +william
  9. Welcome aboard mate! I hail from the northwest and just a little south of you in Carson City, Nevada. Vince P.
  10. P1080814.JPG

    Nicely done. Vince P.
  11. IMG 1816

    Great work. Very nice ship. Vince P.
  12. 그림19

    Very nice work. Vince P.
  13. HMS Bounty

    Very nice planking job!
  14. Syren

    Very nice work. Vince P.