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The latest in the series by Rif Winfield and company has just been published. If you liked the others (and I did) you will like this one too. No need for a review because it's just like the others. A quality volume filled with plans and illustrations. I like all of these books because if the particular plan I am working with is missing some detail I can look at others and at least see what was common at the time. So... if you want the best reference for the French navy short of living across the street from the Musee de la Marine this is it.



US Naval Institute has it for cheaper than anywhere else that I could find if that's an issue.


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Thanks for the review. It is now on my get-once-I-have-money list. 


Curious: What does Winfield now say about the design and origins of the enigmatic HMS Guerriere, which fought the Constitution in 1812,  and which was formerly La Guerriere, launched circa 1799, and captured by HMS Blanch in 1806?

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