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  1. Actually this is a good thing Bill, gives you a chance to knock down the pronounced raised grain and create a more natural looking grain with the sandpaper, something I wished I had done on my Victory...happy sanding my friend👍 Michael D.
  2. Bill, Not sure what paints you used, but obviously an incompatibility issue and you mentioned this happened on the port side and not starboard? looks to me like you went a little heavy on the clear and it attacked color coat. I use acrylic paints and seal with a Lacquer dulcoat in light coats and never had issue. This is unfortunate as you were moving along nicely, but for me the only solution would be to strip it off, but I would first try to see if I could sand enough to get rid of the cracks, either way a repaint.😝 Michael D.
  3. Very nice work as always Frank👍 and the last 2 pics showing the rudder chains arrangement helps a lot!!. Michael D.
  4. Hi John, The 2mm blocks will be the ticket and since a redo is in order remember to use the upper sheave of the blocks when rigging and I second Radimir in his helpfulness 👍. Your S/R is looking wonderful by the way. Michael D.
  5. That's an interesting canopy setup you added along with the windows , well done👍. Also I see you added some kind of cover on the deck? Michael D.
  6. I love seeing this take shape and a clever fix for the bulkhead elevation issue Marc👍. I remember my S/R being slightly off as you have shown in post #1573 and my Victory was actually square in that regard, but slightly twisted at the stern, one will never notice it once you complete the build. Michael D.
  7. Hi Schmidt, Thanks for sharing pictures of your stunning model, just beautiful! and I do like the somewhat weathered look and contemplated that for mine, but decided to go with a more pristine/new look, I'm looking forward on your progress. Michael D.
  8. Looking great Bill, at this scale even the simplified rigging is a challenge that you've handled quite well sir👍. I plan to do a full rig job on mine when the time comes, but do worry about accomplishing this at this scale. Michael D
  9. I started modifying the kit supplied oars, well 1 oar as this took me around 2 hours to complete and I decided to leave them natural, I'm quite pleased with the improved look and I still need to add the estrope. Michael D.
  10. Dear Gerard, I appreciate your constructive criticism/input and does make sense from an engineering stand point. Ironically one of our esteemed members Heinrich der Seefahrer provided a link in an earlier post regarding a build based on your monograph that provided me with a clearer incite on some of the rigging that I applied to my build, but somehow missed this anchor fiasco. Your time and efforts researching this subject is invaluable and I say that out of total respect, thank you. Frank, Thanks for the kind remarks friend and likewise on your wonderful build, looking forward on your progress. Now I've redone the anchors and this is what I've come up with, a compromise so to speak without doing a lot of reconfiguring and paint touch up. Michael D.
  11. A interesting video indeed, but what puzzles me is just about every built model I see displays them in similar fashion, Bjorn Landstrom shows them in this configuration also in the book The Ship. Maybe the Corel builders of this model can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe their instructions show a similar setup?. Definitely food for thought and thanks for sharing that link Gerard. Michael D
  12. Hi Clark, I love the work you're doing on this, the lack of color gives this a whole different look that's quite pleasing to the eye👍 Michael D.
  13. Hi Marc, I use a 0.49mm drill bit to create a small crater so to speak, using thinned black acrylic with a fine brush I just dab the area and the paint flows in to simulate the axle, whats nice about the paint if I apply too much I can simply wipe it off with my finger and redo without messing up the rest of the painted block. Michael D.
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