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  1. Hi Michael, Welcome back! Beautiful work and such fine detail. Especially love the ship's bell enclosure! Congrats, Best, Frank
  2. Hi Clark, thanks for the reply. Meeting with electrician today to plan out new workroom. Need to install electrical outlets then sheetrock room. After that things should proceed quickly. I can probably restart the project by working on making sails for the ship. (Could probably do that easily without a workroom!! ) thanks and i'll keep "Krick" in mind if my anchors are in bad shape Frank
  3. Hi Clark, Wow, those anchors are in bad shape. Can you heat them and bend them back? Or will you make new ones? I'll have to check my set to see how they look! Looks like you're nearing the finish line! thanks, Frank
  4. On both yards, the 3 pieces were glued to each other. Then small trim piece (1mm x 1mm) was added to the yards, which were then sealed with a satin finish poly. Both yards were then strapped, using top notch line from Syren Ship Model Company. So, work on the model will be intermittent for the next month or so. I will have to start the process of taking down my work room and move it to my new home. It will be quite the project. Thanks for stopping by Frank
  5. Hello, Next step for me was to make the Main and Fore Yard. The Walnut strips (7mm for the Main and 5mm for the Fore) from the kit were very nice for me to work with. Below are some steps I took for the main yard, but both were very similar. First step was to slot the underside of the lower half of the yard. The next photo is a view from the top. (Slot from previous photo is underneath) I tapered the wood from 7 mm down to about 3 mm at the end of the lower yard. Next was to take the top side and taper the top from 7mm down to 3 mm at the end. Took the tapered lower half of the yard and put it in a 4 jaw chuck and sanded the bottom end from square to round at the end. Finally, finished up the lower half by drilling a hole for later rigging. Next step was to work on the upper half of the yard and slotting the top to fit the lower half and slotting the bottom for the top extension piece to follow. Looking down from the top, tapered both sides equally down to about 3mm Then, similar to the lower half of the yard, tapered the top down to about 3mm and rounded the edge Made the extension piece the same way. The 3 pieces of the main yard ready for assembly. Fore yard was done the same way.
  6. Hi Tim, Thank you for your comments. You are too kind!! I will not be attending the conference on October 2nd. As you may recall in the last Guild meeting, my wife and I are moving in September / October. I have the unenviable task of moving my workshop to the new house quickly, but orderly, so I can continue to work on this model. Hoping to layout a better functioning workroom! As far as the red paint, it is "FolkArt Acrylic Imperial Red Number 4669". At the beginning of the build, I bought many "Red " samples until I fond this. It has worked out well! Thanks again for stopping by Tim, Frank
  7. Hello, Turning my attention to finishing the bow railing. As in other areas, the Fleur De Lis plan show some extra detail for the bow upper deck railing system, namely rod supports for the railing posts. 1st step was to add 8 eyelets to the deck platforms (4 per side) Cut and slotted the 6 posts. (Made 1 extra) Added the front railings and an eyelet for the support rods on each post. Front Railing painted Side railings added and 8 post support rods (Following the Fleur de Lis plans) Final detail was to paint and attach horse head figurine to the bow Hopefully I am now ready to begin work on the masts and yards. Thanks for stopping by! Frank
  8. Hi Michael, Thanks! I always thought that this model was complex, until I keep seeing your work on your Beautiful Sovereign. Every time I think of taking the easy way out on an item on my build, I remind myself of all the extra effort you take on your model, and redouble my efforts. Best, Frank
  9. Thanks for your kind comments! Glad you could stop for a view of the log. Frank
  10. Hello, Continuing to make progress at the stern end of the model. 2 cast figurines, of a winged woman, were painted and attached under the stern platform Assembly of the canopy supports. The Corel plan calls for a 2 mm dowel to span across the width of the stern for the back cross support beam. The Fleur De Lis plan for the cross beam is a little different, which I tried to incorporate. The cross support in this plan is for a square beam for the width of the stern structure, then tapering the ends round. I started with a 3 mm square piece of wood. Used the 4 jaw chuck to hold the square section and sanded the ends round down to 2 mm. Attached the cross support to the model. The Fleur de Lis plan also shows support rods to help hold the beam. Decorative cast items added to each end. View from top 2 mm round dowels painted and added to finish the canopy support. One end supported by the post near the railing and the other end on top of the stronger cross beam. Next step was to add the decorative cast fittings to the stern area. The castings that I received in the Corel Kit were of poor quality and it was difficult to see or understand what depiction was trying to be shown. So I followed a photo of a Reale model that I saw in the past and I tried to bring out what the cast pieces were trying to depict by painting the indented background the blue of the model hull. The reliefs were now more pronounced to me. The items attached to the stern of the model View of stern section so far (almost completed). There is a stern lantern to be added right behind the canopy cross beam, but I will wait until later so I don't accidentally hit it. Almost ready to start working on the masts, but first have to turn my attention back to the bow and add the railing to the upper bow structure. As always, the "likes" are appreciated. Frank
  11. Hi Michael, Thanks for stopping by! For the rudder chain, Gerard's wonderful Fleur De Lis plans show a single chain attached to the rudder with a horseshoe style metal piece. (See photos) I could not squeeze the chain and attachment in-between the rudder and ship stem, so I compromised and put a chain on both sides of the rudder. Thanks, Frank
  12. Hello, I was able to make more progress around the stern area of the model. Added the angled side railing support to each side. (I believe the support is for steadying the post that will support the canopy. As I mentioned on my last post, I made a mistake in not extending the height of the railing post to support the angled beam. As a remedy, I added a new post right next to the railing post that was supposed to be taller. This seemed to me to be the better solution than risking destroying the railing system by trying to remove the shorter post. Following the Corel plans, I made up the boarding ladders that will be attached to the stern yoke on each side. Ladders Painted blue and painted the brass trim using the same technique taught to me in earlier posts. Assembled ladders ready for install. The only thing making the build of these ladders a pain was making sure the width of the stairs, with the brass decor added, was exactly the width of the slots in the stern yoke. The little tabs on the decorative side pieces had to fit not these tiny slots. Ladders installed onto the stern yoke slots. Decorative Triton figurines were painted with the same gold paint used throughout the model and then added to the lower stern area. View on Port side. As a side note, I've broken off the lower end of the rudder pintles a couple of times already. I should have waited longer on the rudder install!! Thanks for stopping for a look! Frank
  13. As always, thanks for the likes and for checking in. Appreciated! Continued working on the sides of the model. The kit calls for the 2 stern canopy supports to be made from 2 pieces of 2mm x 2mm wood glued together. I made them from 1 piece of 2mm x 4mm. Added the slots for the railing supports and the slot on top for the canopy 2mm round rods. Posts installed perpendicular to the waterline At this time, decided to fasten the small guns to the U-shaped gun supports. The guns are sitting loose (not glued parallel to waterline) at this point. I'll knock them around for sure with my clumsy hands! The Corel kit does not show a stern facing railing where the boarding stairs are to be located. The Fleur de Lis does show a railing system, I have added an extension to the port and starboard facing railing. The Upper Railing is now added Mid Arch Support Beams 2mm x 2mm Added Next steps are to add angled stern railing supports, stern boarding ladders etc. Thanks, Frank
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