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  1. Hi Clark, Thinking ahead a little, since you are ahead of me. Do you think the real ship had all these ornaments on the hull? I am undecided as to whether adding them is overkill or not. Let me know your thoughts. Also, what glue did you use to attach them to the hull? Thanks for the help, Frank
  2. Thank you Gimo! Hopefully this will help Clark on his build. After I am done with the rudder, I have to start working in this area also. Frank
  3. Hi Clark, I am not home now, so I can't check my Fleur di Lis plans. Check out this link, I I think you will see that the oarlocks are correct facing the stern. The oarsmen are facing the stern. I hope this helps. Frank
  4. Clark, Nice job on the difficult bow deck planking. Yes, I agree. the Corel kit supplied catheads are horrible. I made mine from scratch also! Frank
  5. Hello, Glad that visitors like the carvings! Thanks for the input and for visiting. Small update: As can be seen on this photo below, I thankfully, and with relief, was able to pry the carving off and re-position it right side up! Crisis averted. Both the Corel plans and the Fleur di Lis plan show 3 small hatches under the decorative side panels. The Fleur di Lis plan shows the hatches to be more oval in shape (as I made them) than the rectangle shape of the Corel plan. Another difference is that the Fleur di Lis plan show 2 of the hatches roughly where I put th
  6. Oops, I'm having a bad week! Just noticed the view on the port side, I put the wood figurine upside down! Yikes! I think I need a break from ship modeling this week! Frank P.S. I was able to get the wood carving off the port side without breaking it. I will reattach right side up tomorrow!
  7. The external sides of the canopy area have some sheet metal decorative art work. Using the same technique taught to me in earlier posts, the background was painted the ship's blue. The decorative pieces have what appear to me to be a boxed frame. Feeling that something was left out, I wanted enhance these pieces. I put my wife to work and at the Etsy site, she found a company called Victoriaminiland, located in Victoria, Canada. They have some beautiful thin delicate wood art pieces that we thought would fit perfectly in the space. This is what we picked
  8. Hello, Updates: So after looking at Gimo's critique in the post above and with gentle nudging from my wife, I took on the task of dismantling and rebuilding (reworking) the canopy arches. Grudgingly, I must admit that I'm glad I did Thank you Gimo for pointing out that my work could be better! I spent a few long nights shortening some of the arch ends and lengthening a few and then with careful sanding, putting it all back together. Here are the results: Anyway, Time to move on! The Corel kit supplies some decorative gold rope
  9. Hi Clark, Here is a photo of the Fleur De Lis rudder. It looks to be the same or similar as the Corel plan. Frank
  10. Thanks for the photo Clark! Looks nice. Strange that the rudder tiller seems to go into the Royal seating area. Did the king steer the boat? Lol! Joking! I'll try to be more careful with the sheet metal. thanks for bringing the issue up . Frank
  11. Hi Clark, Yes, the sheet metal is real flimsy! Do you have any photos of the upper part of the rudder assembly? I will have to start working on that soon. thanks, Frank
  12. Hi Michael, I just received the pieces of Mica in the mail. When I finish the area of the model I am working on and do some repairs spotted by Gimo, I will see if I can make some use of the Mica. I am trying to think of a way to attach the window opening pattern copied from the plans onto the Mica and then grinding to shape. If I can find some glue that will come off the Mica when I'm done shaping, I think it might work! Thanks Frank
  13. Hello Gimo! Thanks for stopping by. Also I appreciate your input. So, I checked the model and there are no dips on the left (Port) side. The Longitudinal planks are straight and do not dip. I do think, however, you are really talking about how the arches sit on the upper rail plank. I noticed that some of the arches reach almost to the end of the railing and some end in the middle. Good catch! You have a good eye! I made the arches 2mm thick, but neglected to grind the tips on some of them to the 2mm thickness. So, after I finish with my current work in progress, I will san
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