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  1. Hello, It's been a while since my last post. I flipped the model back over and placed it back on the stand. When I saw the slots I made (from underneath) from the topside, I saw that I needed to spend some time straightening them out, cleaning them up, and removing the edge burrs from the filing. then I painted the slots and the planking the red that I have been using. So, the next step the Corel plans called for was to insert 63 strip pieces of .6 mm thick by 4 mm wide wood in-between the supports, in front of the slots. The plan called these pieces "Waterways". I wasn't sure (and still not sure) what function these pieces served. I checked the La Fleur de Lis plans I had and could not find them drawn. Photo of pieces Other Reale de France logs mentioned that these "waterways" might have been added to the plans to hide the joint where the decking butted up against the outer hull planking, as you can see in the photo below with the arrows. Anyway, I decided to insert them. Most of them will be hidden when the deck is built up with upper platforms. Fitting the waterways Painting Glueing in place Views of installed waterways Han Solo inspecting my work. Not sure if he is happy with the results! Glad that is over with. I am looking forward to now working on the upper deck structure and benches etc. Thanks for visiting, Frank
  2. Fantastic! Congratulations on a beautiful model! Frank
  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for the tip about the black nylon fishing line! Definitely will be remembering that one! Looks great! Frank
  4. Hi Michael, Nice job! Interesting to note that the eyelets and rigging to close the gun lids (on the inside) were off to the side. Was that specific to this ship? Or have I been wrong to be putting the eyelet in the center on my past builds? Love the look with the lights! Congrats, Frank
  5. Thank you for your kind comments! It is appreciated! I got a good chuckle from your photo! Thanks for stopping by, Frank
  6. Hello, I have added some more detail to the underside of the model, while I had the ship still flipped over. I cutout and shaped the knees that sit under the underside planking. Each knee was a different length and the end against the hull had to be contoured to the hull curve. Also, as you can see in this photo, I had to remove the trim piece that I mistakenly glued to the edge. (See last post) Painted knees near the bow Knees finished on both sides near the stern Knees finished both sides near the bow I added more of the 1mm by 1mm gold painted trim or molding. (See green arrows). This was easier to do with the model upside down. The plans call for another trim piece to be added flush with the forward deck planking (see red arrow), but I decided to wait until I finish planking the bow area later in the build. The molding extended all the way to the keel at the stern. (See green arrows). I soaked the 1mm wood and then heated it with a curling iron so that it would bend around the stern area. I will check for touch up painting where necessary and then put the model back on the stand to continue working on the topsides. Thanks for visiting and for the "likes" It is always appreciated! Frank
  7. Thank you Phil! I hope you enjoy building La Reale as I am!! Frank
  8. Hello, It's been a while since my last post. I was able to get back to the model and make some more progress! First, I cut some long trim pieces, 1mm by 1mm, and painted them an antique gold. They were attached to the underside where the under planking meets the hull. Now I had to layout the cutting of 63 slots, that was there for water runoff of the deck. I marked the width and length of where the slots would go. My first step was to drill small holes to give me an opening to start filing for the slots. 63 slots had to be shaped on each side of the ship. Slots finished Added another trim piece, 1mm by 1mm, on the outer border of the slots The outer trim piece will be trimmed between the arrows on the fwd and aft side when I attach the lower support knees. I still have the lower support knees to install and some more trim pieces, before I can turn the ship back over to work on the top side. Thanks for visiting, Frank
  9. A real beautiful model! Did the sails come with the kit? Or did you sew them? Congrats, Frank

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