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  1. Mark, I know you are not happy with the sail material, but the photos you posted show it all working nicely together. Congrats, Frank
  2. Nice Michael! How far down into the lower decks do the pin rails go? Or do they end under that top deck? Frank
  3. Andre, Very nice looking build! Congrats! Frank
  4. Very nice work! I love the blue color you chose. I feel your pain about going blind Congrats! Frank
  5. Michael, Looking very nice! I like the small details, like the radius trim you put on the top of the railing, with that milling machine! Frank
  6. Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments! I hope the slight rise at the center of your build is not noticeable I'll be glad to get thru this phase of the build soon! Frank
  7. Hello, I'm sure this post will be a little repetitive, but I do feel that the upper deck supports on the port side is going a little bit smoother. I did learn a few lessons from the first side. As on the starboard side, I cutout and finished the 70 supports for the port side. Then I trimmed the fwd yoke and aft yoke to set the distance from the center line to be the same and I lowered the height of the step on the aft yoke to match the work I did on the starboard side. As on the first side, and per the instructions, I fitted and glued the two supports in the middle, but this time I also placed a support halfway in-between the aft yoke and center and a support half way in-between the fwd yoke and center, in order to help set the curve of the beam to more accurately follow the contour of the deck. This photo shows the curve of the beam I'm now on my way to finishing the rest of the supports. I'm about halfway done. I hope to be done fitting the supports in the next couple of weeks. (Having limited time on the work bench due to wedding responsibilities in the next week ) Thanks for stopping by, Frank
  8. Hi Clark, Thank you for your post and kind comments! I am enjoying this build and I hope you will too. I think you figured out the problem with my stern yoke. I lowered the notch by 2 mm on the right side. I went about 1mm too far. (I noticed this as I was installing the supports near the yoke.) The forward yoke was perfect. So I am off about 1mm. I went back to some of my photos after I read your post. Sure enough, The yoke near the bow sits on the false deck, not on my deck planking (see photo below) While the stern yoke sits on my planking My planking is about .75 mm thick, which must have been the difference. The stern yoke is sitting higher by about the same amount I filed down!! So, in hind site, I should have installed the yoke first and then planked up to the yoke. Good catch Clark. The more worrisome aspect to me was that the distance of the notches from the center of the ship, on both the stern and bow yokes and on both sides, were further out than all the supports. Anyway, it all was easy to fix, and so far so good! I am moving slowly and trying to think things through as a go. Thanks again for your thoughts and also to everyone for the "likes" Frank
  9. Thank you! That's what's nice to work with wood Frank
  10. Hello, After taking a couple of weeks off for other matters, I was finally able to get back to the model and finish the right (starboard) side of the supports. In previous posts I mentioned that I had to lower the height of the stern yoke. Well, I lowered it too far! I had to put a temporary shim of about 1MM under the beam in order to properly finish installing the supports and have the correct curve of the beam. See this photo with the arrow on the stern yoke all the supports are installed Now I finished cleaning up and painted the ends of the supports and did some touch up. On this photo below, I show the green arrow pointing to the stern yoke. I added filler wood and raised up the height of the slot (made the depth of the slot smaller) and then sanded and repainted So now I will start repeating the whole process of making the supports and installing them on the left (port) side. Hopefully, I learned a few things and I will have less issues. Thanks for visiting and for the likes!! Frank
  11. Hi Michael, Very nice job on your Heller kit! What is the scale you are working with? Thanks for sharing your photos! I look forward to following your progress. Thanks, Frank
  12. Michael, Your cross section model is really looking nice! I like your idea of having the case mounted on the wall. Very interesting! I look forward to seeing the mast and rigging on this beautiful build. Frank

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