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  1. Takao, Thank you very much for giving me a "heads up" for this potential issue. I will look into it. After a 2 month stoppage (helping my daughter and son in law remodel their new home) I hope to be back at work with my model at the end of this week. Have to sit down and review where i'm at!! Thanks, Frank
  2. Great job on a tough section of the ship model. Looks like you put a lot of time and thought into the process! Frank
  3. Excellent job in covering up the missing section and beautiful work overall! Congrats, Frank
  4. Hello to those who stopped by for a visit and for the "likes" All appreciated!! I had to take a month off from the build to help out family with some moving projects. Can't wait to get back to my build soon! Thanks, Frank
  5. Very nice! What material did you use for the sail? Scale looks very good! Frank
  6. Congratulations on finishing your project! Yes, get a display put on to protect your beautiful work! Frank
  7. Further update: Before attaching the davits on the starboard side, some small items were added first. (So, I wouldn't damage the davits!!) First off was adding 6 eyelets and chain links (3 sets each side) for later rigging attachment points. Then continued on by adding 6 cleats (3 on each side, Port and Starboard) to the outer deck area. Lastly, before adding the davits, I installed and painted the lower outer railing on the starboard side. Finally the davits attached to starboard sid
  8. Nice job with the flags! My Corel large stern flag came with one side bold colors and the other side faded, which was frustrating! Frank
  9. Beautiful detail! Can you give me some direction on how you accomplished what I assume is called the "Garland"? Or the wrap with the X stitching? Very nice Frank
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