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  1. Thanks Michael! I should have the davits installed by next weeks post. I've been following the very interesting discussions on your log! Clark, Mark, Kirill4 --thanks for the likes! Frank
  2. Hello, I have started to look at the davit area and davit posts on the starboard side of the model. The Corel plan, as shown below, shows a pretty simple plan. 2 Vertical posts (298 and 297) supported by a cross beam (300). Then the plans call to use a piece of the flexible wood in 2mm x 2mm size for the davits. The "La Fleur De Lis" davit plan is a little more complicated, detailed, and interesting. The davits are fitted onto the posts 23b and 23d. The davits are thicker for most of its length and are held onto the posts with what looks
  3. The wood effect came out nicely! As did the chain plates. They were a pain for me to install. I barely made the slots big enough for the chain link to pass thru!! Frank
  4. Hi Clark, thanks for your post. Yes, I checked each gun post to make sure the guns fit between the 2 railings. The posts are actually a lot smaller height wise than they seem on the Corel plan. Thanks for the warning! Frank
  5. Hello, Small update. Slow, but steady progress! There are 11 swivel guns to be installed. Six on the starboard side and five on the port side. The mounts (posts) for the swivel guns are made. One of the swivel gun posts installed. 5 of the posts shown here. On the port side, where the cooking station will be, a swivel gun is omitted, thus 5 on the port side. In between all the railing posts and gun posts, there are 1mm x 2mm filler trim pieces installed. Work has begun on the
  6. Beautiful work Mark! What does the piece of furniture fwd of the wheel represent? I ask because I notice the hole on top. Is something to go on top? Frank
  7. Hello, I was finally able to make it to my friend's house to borrow his large Bridgeport milling /drilling machine. With his guidance, I finished drilling the holes for the Thore-pins perpendicular to the waterline or table. The drill depth went about halfway into the main beam. Thore-Pins installed. 30 on the starboard side and 29 on the port side. Thore-Pins at 90 degrees from the waterline Next step was to start work on the railing stanchions. Since the stanchions are square (4-sided) I purchased a
  8. Hello Ogun, I hope all is well. Yes, I have the instructions and parts list. Give me a day or so to clean it up. (I penciled thru all the parts that I have installed in the parts list and crossed out all the directions I have completed). I will erase my pencil markings and get the instructions to you. The instructions come in English, French, and what I believe is German. You want the English instructions correct? Thanks, Frank
  9. Looking nice Mark! How is the quality of the Carronades that come with the kit? From the photo, they look to be cast? I hope all is well, Frank
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