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  1. I made a case for the model. I made hammocks for the hammock nets. I added 1/96 scale white metal sailors. This BlueJacket kit has been fun. Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words. Bob
  2. Finished. I started the kit on August the 2nd this year. I will make a case for the model. I need to make the hammocks for the hammock nets but that is not part of the kit. Thank you all for your kind remarks and thumbs up. Bob
  3. Everything went fast in the rigging. Short a few correct size blocks so used closest thing . Next will be the anchors and boats. I have enjoyed this kit. Showed the ship to my wife and she said no sails and don't give it away. Bob
  4. Thank you all for your thumbs up and comments. I have aligned the foremast vertical with a laser. I aligned the main and mizzen masts with eyeball. Tightened all the shroud lines and glued the first thread bead on each line. I will wait to align the 2nd and 3rd beads on each line when I get to the rat lines. So far the beads have worked well. The masts are not glued in. The lines are all that hold them in place. The stays will let me adjust the 5 1/2 degree angle of the masts. I think I will have to buy special cutters to trim excess thread from the beads as I don't want those ends showing,
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