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  1. Kurt H, I have a couple of questions about your gorgeous model. What paint color, stain and / or polyurethane did you use for the Caprails ? Also did you use the 24 small metal buckets supplied in the kit on the gun deck? Blue jacket does not supply grog or water barrels in the kit so I am going to order some. On a sad note while talking to the staff in Maine last week, they told me that Charlie past away recently. I had just spoken to him . He had made about 20 models of the Constitution for them. They told me it would take him about 5 months to complete a model. Very sad. Jerry
  2. You are meticulous! The ship looks great ! One hint ....when rigging (which you may know already) is to place a slight amount of superglue on the end of the thread which will make going thru the holes in the deadeyes much easier.
  3. Dear Kurt H , Thank you for answering my post. You have helped me already!! I have been trying to figure out how to bend the wood (steam them) to make the rails not realizing that they are supplied in Britannia. There is no parts list in my kit so I downloaded and printed them up from Bluejacket so I now know what is supplied in the kit as well as their function. I have built several models over my 74 years but never one to this degree of detail. I am most proud of the Flying Cloud which I built over several decades from plans and not from a kit . I hand carved everything except for blocks and
  4. Hi all, I am presently building the Bluejacket model of the Constitution. I hope this site is still active. I bought it with a donation to a Fisherman’s museum. It seems like an older model but is complete. The book does not seem to always complement the actual kit. For example, the book describes vertically timbering the aft of the ship down to the gun deck before the placing of the transom. My model is solid and not cutout at the stern so I just glued on the metal transom after painting it. I presume newer? models have the stern cut out. My model also has the old original transom design with
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