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  1. Not sure if you produced a Naiad package, would be interested in that. And as always the package you developed for the Swan Class. Thanks Shawn
  2. This is a great way to teach/reteach how planking should done! You will enjoy this project. shawn
  3. I haven't posted in awhile, much because I have outside honey do's... I have worked a little bit on my Winny, but I'm finding me questioning myself. If i could get a couple critiques it would be appreciated. I feel like maybe I went to far with my faring on frame 28? Maybe also 27? I'm just worried I didn't "leave enough meat on the bone". Any observations you may have would help greatly. Do I need to re-cut frame 28? Sorry if the pics are not the best. Shawn
  4. This hull is definitely a beast. Fairing still needs some touch up, though I would get the sills done first.
  5. OldChur, It is a purchased item, there have numerous posts about its building jig. In my option save yourself some money and create your own. Again many post about how to go about that. Shawn
  6. Here you can see the ham fists in action...I used the binder clips as suggested by Chuck, but neglected to reinforce the last 2 bulkheads and now have repairs to do.
  7. All, This is the start of my very first building log. My name is Shawn and I reside in Lincoln NE. I don't know if you call it building, but have been trying this hobby for probably 20yrs. The problems I run into are I seem to have 2 left thumbs and ham fists. The second has been I take the approach of it's good enough, even though I know I can do better. With this build I'm going to try the I know I can do better approach. We shall see. I use my modeling time as relaxation and therefore enjoy a few adult beverages, so that probably also contributes to my sloppyness. Currently I'm in the fairing stage, I will get some pics once there is something interesting to show. For now here are some obligitory pics. Shawn
  8. I was finally able to speak with Bob, my book has arrived. Once again I'm a happy customer! Shawn
  9. I’m have the same issue and have posted a similar question. fingers crossed. Shawn
  10. This looks amazing! This can only take all of us to a whole new level. Thanks everyone involved!!! Shawn
  11. Just curious if anyone is still waiting for their Young American vIII? I placed and paid for mine on Dec 2nd. I have been unable to reach anyone via phone or email? Just wondering if I’m the only one. Shawn
  12. Received my boxwood carvings today from Jack. They are even better in person! These are truly works of art! Shawn
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