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  1. I agree with Kevin about the Byrnes saw. Although having a Preac is nice if you can find one. Kent
  2. One can never have too many saws. I have 2 Preacs, a Proxxon, a Byrnes, a Dremel and something that I bought when I was just starting. I just recently finished watching all of your HMS Thorn videos over a 3-4 month period. Totally delightful and very educational. I have almost finished the HMS Granada videos. I did buy a Turbo Carver and managed to find a Vandalay Tree Nail Maker (not made any more). Keep up the great work. I am learning a lot. Kent
  3. Looks like decent prices and the turnaround time is quite good. l will definitely try an order soon. I hope the communication is great. Kent
  4. Thanks for the info. I was able to purchase one of these from a member in Canada. Should be here about Wednesday. Kent
  5. I am looking for a Vanda-Lay Industries Treenail Maker. Does anyone have one of these that they would sell. i saw this device on one of Kevin Kenny's videos. Looks like it works well but it is no longer made. Kent
  6. I received my kit yesterday. Shipping took much longer as I bought it from a source in Latvia. Looking forward to your build log. Kent
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