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  1. I was missing parts E1 and E2 from the jig in Box 1 but have heard from CAF that the parts are being mailed. Kent
  2. I too received my kit yesterday and was amazed. Kent
  3. I trust you are correct Kurt as I purchased a 350 today.. Kent
  4. Ordered on Friday, shipped on Saturday and received in Texas on Tuesday. I can always count on you and Chris Watton for the best service. I appreciate it. Kent
  5. Thanks Chuck. I have ordered. As always, I am sure my order will be delivered to Texas in a matter of a few days. Your service is the best. KentM
  6. Well Silverman, I would say that you are doing quite well. As long as you are enjoying the build and are happy with the outcome, I wouldn't worry too much about criticisms about the choice of wood or grain. It is a hobby. Enjoy! You will learn and grow. Kent
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