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  1. Hi Ron, thanks for the comments. Actually the base was a very quick cut up made from foamcore and modpodge. I painted the surface with some dark blue / green acrylic paint. Then stippled on several layers of Gloss ModPodge. Added a bit of white and stippled in the foam. Just wante a base for doing some quick photos. IT will get a more permanent home with a dock etc. eventually.
  2. I agree with druxey, if you can manage the electric Stand/sit desks, it would probably be the best. I am just in the process of redesigning my workspace to be able to stand or sit on a tall stool because of growing back issues. Sitting at a standard desk height and an office chair does not cut it with lower back pain and knee pain. I am considering one of these (amazon and Ikea have them). BEKANT Desk sit/stand - black stained ash veneer/black - IKEA There are crank ones that are cheaper that the electric ones ...
  3. Hi Folks Happy to be aboard. There are some fantastic modelers on this site and lots of detailed information and great models. We are pleased to support Model Ship World and the NRG and look forward to contributing to the preservation of history in miniature. We have a number of highly detailed and unique ship kits in 1:48, 1:87 and 1:160 scale and will be adding more as we go along this venture. Here are some of our current nautical offerings
  4. This is going to be great. I have been slowly (snail pace-2) working towards a 1:87 waterline version of this boat for a while. I will be watching with great anticipation. I don't know if you have seen Magnus Andersson's 3D model that he did of this or not. Might be of some help for reference. I am not sure how accurate the hull is, but he has captured a lot of the details. ArtStation - Orca 3D model, Magnus Andersson Cheers!
  5. Thanks folks. It was a very fun model to build. Lots of different media used.
  6. This is the prototype of a 1:48 version of the CR LAMB. Sternwheeler. This was the last Sternwheeler to operate the Thompson/Shuswap water ways of Central BC, Canada. She was built to ply the waterways in support of the local populations and businesses of the area.
  7. The history in this thread is very interesting. I started with 3D printing back in 2011 using shapeways and other services. Since then we now have a projet and an Fabpro printer and have been having some pretty good success printing parts for our kits and prototypes. Though I have a history with Solidworks and Autocad, I really prefer Rhino as I found it much easier to use (though still similar to Autocad in complexity overall) It was also developed as a ship design tool. 3D printing has really opened up the ability to provide some interesting parts that would have been quite diff
  8. Wow, what a great build. I have been away from this forum for a while and have missed a lot! I too hope you meant 2021 and not all the way to 2022!!
  9. Great news. I was contacted by the Louie family when they found this thread and the thread over on mmrforums and are sending me a bunch of stories and photos of Cptn. Louie and the Sternwheeler!! I am very happy to have made contact with them and am going to meet them in a few weeks at a show in Chilliwack BC. Still trying to get this mode finished up along with work and life in the way!!!
  10. Thanks for the thanks folks! It was a very fun build and is turning out to be a very popular kit now too!! I am just finishing up the navigation lights and will post some pics once I get that completed. I plan to display it on the water and hope to power the paddlewheel with a geared motor and foam wheel under the base. Darryl
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