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  1. That's looking very good, Tim. Thanks for the complements on the Lively. I seem to have a hard time focusing on only one project at a time, hence the aircraft build. It helps change things up a bit when I hit a problem spot and need a break. Jeff Betcher
  2. Thanks, Bob. Continuing on with the build, I have made some progress. I have mounted the model on a stand and have started on the masts. The bowsprit and jibboom are not permanently mounted, just set in position. I have also started on the foremast. It is set in place for the photo. That's all for now. Stay safe. Jeff
  3. Hi Tim, I've been following along with your build. It's looking great! I have this kit in my stash and I'm working my way up to building it. I hope I can do half as good. Jeff
  4. Thank you, Phil. I've just had a look at your build and it is impressive. I will go back and read it in more detail. There is a lot of things I would do differently after seeing yours. Its all about learning from the building process of others and myself with each model being better than the previous. As for this build, the model is 1/48 scale, the hull is 15 inches and the beam is 4 inches. The dimensions on the plans are length BP: 56' 1" and beam 15' 3". The model is not one of an actual ship but is a representation of a small private armed schooner typical of
  5. It's been a while since I posted an update. I have made some progress. I scratchbuilt the pumps. They may not be entirely accurate but they are a lot better than those supplied in the kit. I have also completed the deck fixtures.
  6. Thank you, gentleman. Bob, I find my time in the workshop a much needed reprieve from the reality of the pandemic. The gun is now permanently fixed to the deck. I have another bump on the road with the pumps. The pumps in the kit are metal castings that don't fit with the rest of the model. I will try to scratchbuild better pumps. Stay safe
  7. Just a quick update. Except for the bit holding the cannon on the carriage, I have finished the canon and am on to the rigging of the cannon. Unfortunately, the instructions for the kit don't elaborate much on the rigging of armament and I have to rely on other sources for reference. It is not yet mounted to the deck, I suspect the rigging will be easier before I make it permanent.
  8. Thanks, Greg. I appreciate your encouraging words. It's my first wooden ship build of this kind and I find it challenging with many new techniques. Having said that, I am enjoying it. I'll try to post more often. Jeff
  9. Hello everyone, I haven't been very active in posting my progress. It has been slower than I had hoped but I have made some headway. The deck fittings are just sitting on the deck. I am currently working on the ordinance. It's been quite a learning process. Thank you to those who are sharing their builds and techniques. I doubt I would have gotten this far without. Stay safe. Jeff
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