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  1. All, I have truly slacked this year. I let the Portland intimidate me. Every time I looked at it, I thought of how many ways I could screw it up. Everything has been on the table all year, and is getting packed up again tomorrow. I promise to get back to it in 2021 (Thanks VTHokiEE for noticing that error!). Have a great AND SAFE holiday season!
  2. John, I'm looking at your window trim work. It's incredible! I hope mine comes out that clean. You are right about the Portland, but it is one of the best looking paddlewheelers I've ever seen. I'm going to be one proud dad when this one is completed! Maybe this log will attract others to the Portland and BlueJacket.
  3. John, The skylight looks great! I've been reading the manual that came with the new model, but after reading your post, I'm going to check out the manual from the original kit. I set out all of my stuff to get back to building, but needed to be sure I wouldn't have to put it away for any Easter family gatherings. I plan on starting up again next week! I have been tying up a lot of time with a 3d printer I bought for my birthday last November! Way too much fun! I may use this printer to produce some parts for the engine.
  4. John, Take care of yourself, and get well. That trestle looks spectacular! In a million years, I might be able to produce a model half as good as what you have produced. Your train stuff is unbelievable. I wish I had the skill you show in your work!
  5. Hello! Due to the holidays, we will need the dining room table back to normal, so my Portland is going into dry dock until January. Wishing everyone a great holiday season!
  6. Rudder - I followed the directions for the rudder. I did have to trim things more than I expected to get it to fit, but it looks fair. I'm reading up to see what the next step is, plus I'm going to start the walking beam, so I hope to have more posts soon. There is a steering arm that will be added to the rudder at a later date. I'll put that here when I get to it.
  7. Priming, Hull Paint, Waterline, Keel, Stem Post, Stern Post I learned a lot about painting. Actually I remembered most of it from the past, but it came rushing back while painting the hull. I suck at painting. Spray, brush, you name it, I am no good at it. So here goes... I felt that I did an OK job getting the hull ready to paint. I figured after a coat of primer I'd notice a few spots to fix. Let me tell you, painting the hull showed me how wrong I was. My hull has many more imperfections than I would like to admit to. I'm letting many of
  8. All, Sorry things are going slowly! I got a part time job stocking shelves at my local Walmart. I could walk there if I had to. I'm working 3 days a week 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. After 21 years behind a desk and never exercising, this has been good getting me back into exercise, and I'm getting paid for it! Of course, cleaning up 21 years of sedentary fatness is a bit painful. I painted the hull, so I will post those photos today.
  9. Dan, Your Portland came out great! You gave me a couple of ideas for mine. Again, the figures/lighting/tables add a lot of realism to the build, Nice job, and thanks for sharing.
  10. John/Dan/other portland builders, I have a question. Reading the manual, it says that most of the walking beam engine is below the main deck. According to the blueprints, we only need to build what shows ABOVE the main deck? I'm figuring the final engine size to be 4.5 to 5 inches tall? Does that sound right? The instructions say to show as much detail as you can. It would have been fun building more of it. I'm painting my hull now. More sanding, more filler. I hope to have a new post in the next week or so. Like I said, I'm also working part time to
  11. Other photos from the Annapolis Naval Academy Museum. Some of these models were 5 feet long. At least one is considered to be one of the oldest models in existence, built in 1650! If you are in Maryland and get the opportunity, try to visit the museum. I tried to keep the placard photos in line with the ship, but one or two may be out of order.
  12. I went to Annapolis to visit the Naval Academy Museum. They have quite a collection of models and other items. Some of the models are as old as the original ships. They have a model of a walking beam engine. It is displayed in a position where it is difficult to get a shot of the back of it. Also, it is attached to an electric motor and gear so you can see how it worked. That part was out of commission, but there is a youtube video of it. Here's a video of the walking beam engine I took. If it doesn't work, message me. Walking beam video Here's a few
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