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  1. Thank you for the response JerseyCity Frankie. That makes more sense now. Mark
  2. How does one tie off the lashing between 2 hearts?
  3. Clare, I live way north, near the Oregon border. So it is quite far away from the Vallejo. Thanks though. I have spend many hours perusing Ages of Sail's web store. Mark
  4. Thanks Chris. I read through the tutorial and thought the parts looked awful small. I think others have convinced me to choose a wood project. Thanks Mark
  5. Clare, Thanks for the input, it helps a lot. I will look more into wood. Thanks Mark
  6. Thanks for the pictures of the kit, they are very useful.
  7. Pavol, Thanks for your input. I do plan to jump in to the hobby. Trying to decided if paper or wood first. both are better then the naughty stuff. mark
  8. Thanks for the info. That is what I was wondering as I am still considering my start into the hobby. Mark
  9. Would you consider the Shipyard laser cut kit a good choice for a newcomer to the hobby? Thanks Mark
  10. I am new to the hobby. I was wondering if Shipyard laser cut kits are considered easy, medium, or hard for the newcomer? Thanks Mark
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