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  1. They came from the factory in overall light grey....
  2. Yesirree brother, Scalemates is the best modelers resource out there, but even with that being said, they don't have everything. and as far as old models there are some that aren't even listed on the web, anywhere.... Two years ago I went into my local hobby shop with one such kit, an original Idea toy company turtle ship, the rubber band powered one.... along with a few of their motorized tanks.... Untouched in mint boxes.... The owner of the store took them in trade and gave me run of the store choosing any five models he had in the shop, I went home with over 1,000.0
  3. Good point brother, if you ARE actually looking to buy, sold listings on e-bay is the best place to start, it is where I would start..... that way you have the general value of the kit in question. It appears to me as the kit is worth somewhere between 200 and 250 retail not counting shipping... (if you can locate a retailer that has one) and it absolute proof why that other one for a grand is still sitting there, it simply isn't worth a thousand dollars... So if you find a listing for the original 1961 kit below 200.00 shipped as a BIN, (for an untouched kit) you have a good deal given curren
  4. The model # is H-391 the 1200 is the pressing number, smaller is earlier.... The oldest one I've ever seen offered for sale was H-391:264 The second number has nothing to do with the model itself but the production schedule it was pressed under...
  5. Unfortunately brother there are only two Revell H391's on American Ebay according to Picclick, (Ebay indexer) the 1,050.00 (including shipping which has been available at that price since September) and the one for 174.00 (shipped) that is 2/3rds built and obviously been sitting on someone's shelf for an untold number of years... (based upon the dust and dirt all over the already assembled hull, a massive cleaning job before you could ever hope to finish it and the seller, who isn't the original owner, doesn't know if it is complete) All the other auctions for Kearsarge are for acc
  6. Yeah, I've got the Connie in mine as well along with the Heller Victory, someday I'll get around to building it again..... That particular Kearsarge kit today sells for well over 1,000 dollars if you can find one in mint condition... There's a guy that has a beat up one from his stash on evilbay CA right now and he got a 1,200C price on it It's the only one available for sale.... And actually Revell re-released the Kearsarge kit a few years back..... The kit being offered is a builder grade kit not a collector grade.... so one needs to be careful with the old stuff.... It's on
  7. Well, if you ever run across someone who claims that mama can't do models, show them a few of those..... Then tell me about mastering a medium.....
  8. It's a second run Revell kit from the '60's of the old Adams molds of the late '50's.... in their day they were the top of the plastic modeling world.... The 1/96th Connie is from the same class and company.... (and I would say that the molds have held up well seeing as they are in their third iteration)
  9. But we do have to get current right? And we can't forget some others.... And others.... Then this is a ship modeling forum.... With a large amount of retired and current military folks, (along with their military brats, like me) We are well represented in the cake serving world.... {chuckle}
  10. You mean like this? Or maybe this.... I can hang with this....
  11. I've got the other side of it, I'm in the middle of building something and, (usually when I'm not there) she will "clean the workspace" meaning she puts all the tools/materials away, sweeps up everything and wipes down the workbench.... She has never gotten that I"m not finished and she doubled the work now that I have to drag everything back out.... (not to mention the lost time re-doing work that she tossed cause it looked like trash to her trained eye)..... But she would beam golden rays about how spiffy the workspace was.... She once asked why I stopped building, and I very ca
  12. Excellent subjects my friend.... That is also a period of WWII that is seldom modeled.... Can't forget the USS Langley brother, she was the first aircraft carrier in the US Navy, and the first one lost to the Japanese in WWII... (although she had been converted to a seaplane carrier/tender by the time she was assigned to the asiatic squadron).....
  13. The F-1 Gearbox has been around since '89, and the 150 msec shift time is a ten year old specification, they are even faster today using dual shift to keep the power on completely throughout the shift, testing has showed that it is worth .3 seconds a lap faster time..... They are 8 speeds not counting reverse and are being built in carbon fibre or CF backed metal..... How they go about getting to constant power output through a shift are closely held race team secrets.... (double clutches would be the obvious choice to do this but are banned in F1) Technology marches o
  14. Waaaht, Waaaht, waaaht..... Usually before they overfly your car windshield....
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