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  1. I'm experiencing some of this now.... The speed of my minds eye is not what it used to be relative to my skills... {chuckle}
  2. Neither can I, I'm learning this on the Gwin, it looks beautiful, and yes it takes time, but also skills and lessons learned brought forward from the past.... Some of us just don't have it, we aspire to it, willing to do the work to get us there, but there is nothing short of absolute experience to get to that level of building..... Some of us (like me) will never get there...
  3. Those lifts are designed to do exactly that... they were originally installed in parking garages.... They were adapted to serve in auto repair shops, they have a ratchet mechanism which absolutely prevents them from dropping..... Hard to find an auto shop around here that still uses a hydraulic or air cylinder lift anymore.... You see the cylinders in the bay floors of the older shops but the lift plate and controls are gone....
  4. You could always promote her to Fleet Admiral, give her a solid gold brooch with five stars to make it official....
  5. No problem, I wasn't talking about the very real disease, I was talking about the media hype, we just crossed the 500K total at the end of February, when the media and the political talking heads were saying their models had us passing that threshold well before Christmas and at the latest New Years..... That and all such claims and predictions are Mass Hysteria fomenting claims.... The disease is very real, the claims about it are off the wall..... That's a fact everyone has to listen to everyday..... If the truth throws us off an even keel, how stable are we in the fi
  6. Well, frustration with photoetch.... Sky Lookouts..... The Gwin had them still installed until after Midway, they were removed after as they were effectively useless compared to radar detection. Radar was capable of locating and vectoring aircraft before they ever got in range of the binoculars of the sky lookouts.... So, what is a sky lookout? They are binoculars mounted to a swiveling rotating frame so they can track aircraft and ascertain position angles on them relative to the ship for antiaircraft purposes.... AS you can see from the pics they consist of a pede
  7. Nothing is impossible my friend..... Show us some pics along the way brother..... it will look spectacular.....
  8. No question Lou, shame that no one has held one of these in historical condition..... (probably have just not on public display) Beautiful cars none the less....
  9. How bout a look at the real thing? McLaren M8B.... Engine.... Basically Chevy black but, lots of different peripheral colors under the hood there.... (particularly the bare aluminum heads?) Lots of opportunity for superdetailing...... Stainless hose wraps yes with colored fittings EG
  10. AMEN! I've been resisting this one for 5 years now, (not really, was waiting on a BWN USS Brooklyn, (easier to convert) Nary a sign of one for 5 years now so I finally broke down and bought ISW) And yeah, it's like they are deliberately leaving the Brooklyn's behind, working up everything else though even if the Brooklyn's are the more historically important models.... They were the forerunners of every modern cruiser built for the US Navy....
  11. Hey brother, when the official requisition comes down from the admiralty these days I don't even bother to look at the bottom line anymore...... I just fill the requisition, it's no use doing anything else....
  12. Lou, Scientific fact... (at least that is what they taught me 50 years ago)...... 8th grade human biology class, the section on immunology..... (it's why we don't massively die from the flu or common cold) Problem is, they are ignoring all the basic knowledge imparted to us citizens in favor of their computer generated models, which are completely based upon the opinions of those inputting the data... (which was also taught to us in 10th grade computer tech) Computer modeling is only as accurate as the data that is input, and we know about the verified examples of incorrect/false/p
  13. Yeah, that is what he says, but science says when 60% of the population is immune Herd Immunity takes over.... (lot's of doctors saying that in other media) But then he's paid to say such things.... (gotta keep the hysteria going)
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