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  1. Actually, I don't want to go further into de-railing Grant's wonderful build thread..... I have discussed it in my Blue Jay Four thread and what it is and the reason why... it's a carnuba wax applied just like on a car... and I'll leave it at that my friend... will pick it up in the other thread if you need more explanation...
  2. Well, something changed somewhere between the applications...... I've had that happen with rattlecan finishes, one application is beautiful high gloss, a few days later another application from the same can over the same paint goes flat.... It was a testors product and even they acknowledged the problem..... suggested using a new can, which in my case resolved the problem.... I tried the recalcitrant can on another project that was going to be flat eventually and again it came out flat.... well at least it confirmed what the Testors tech told me..... If you airbrushed the finish from the same bottle, I don't know what to tell you and haven't a clue what the problem might have been.... It's frustrating when that happens...
  3. Nice, it's gonna be beautiful brother when your done....
  4. Probably a bad batch of clear coat.... Can you polish it out and retry from a new bottle?
  5. Good advice mike, I second the notion.... Me, I'm going to start out at 6k when I restart the zipper... the gloss black finish is kinda rough right now and I'll have to completely correct that before I start waxing it out... This has turned into one heck of a project....
  6. {chuckle} I keep forgetting that some haven't got this far yet..... Isopropyl Alcohol, or more commonly Rubbing Alcohol....
  7. Since you asked it won't be derailing your wonderful thread.... I did the fuselage BMF finish first, which meant I had to mask off the wings for painting white.... what you saw was the first attempt to reposition the tape..... It wasn't even pressed down hard along the seam yet..... It just came right off. Right down to the underlying black paint..... Since the BMF finish didn't work, and I didn't want to bin it, I had to find a way to get the finish off without destroying the plastic... (or the underlying details) My first choice is IPA... see if that affects the finish cause I know it doesn't affect plastic, of course I was told the liquitex varnish is indestructible... so my go to is IPA.... I was quite surprised when I saw that within seconds of wetting with IPA and light scrubbing with a toothbrush the Liquitex and BMF finish (two layers of each) came off all at once just started peeling right off... Liquitex if NOT indestructible..... I do not know what else will affect it but if IPA does, I'm sure there are other stronger cleaners and solvents that will as well..... Oh yeah, Super Clean has no problem stripping it as well... Liquitex varnish is not a good final seal coating/covering.....
  8. Yeah over in my F-104 build thread... Kabuki tape peels it.... IPA takes it off... The entire fuselage was covered with it... IPA and a toothbrush. Liquitex High Gloss Varnish was described to me as an indestructible art work protectant... so much for claims I said...
  9. Just don't try and mask it, it's what was suggested I use over Uschi's metal powders to seal them in... as long as it's down they were good but when masked they pulled right up using light tack frisket tape after four days.. I also found out it is not IPA proof... IPA will soften and remove it.....
  10. Oh yes, enough to know that the brothers here are masters and I'm just an apprentice.... They are an adventure.... and once your done, you will have increased your model skills at least twice over....
  11. EXCELLENT! Hate to see a good modeler leave his talent in the closet.... I'm, in...
  12. Ahhh, here we go, Another effected with the plastic mania.... Good Deal! Welcome to the club... the satisfaction of taking a poorly made/researched kit and turning it into a work of art is just as great as building a wood ship from kit/scratch, just using different materials and techniques....

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