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  1. Thanks for the like BE. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was thinking of planking the inner bulwarks before doing the second planking, in spite of the instructions telling you to do the reverse. The reason for this was because I planned on drilling the gunport pattern (before fixing) with the holes needed for the cannon eyebolts that are fixed into the inner bulwarks. After planking the bulwarks, I could then drill through them, using the gunport pattern as a guide. Doing it this way seemed to me to be far easier than trying to locate and drill the holes from inside the hull
  2. You'll be right Rob, keep treading water and enjoy what you're doing - after all, it is just a hobby. 🙂🙂 Cheers
  3. Again, thanks for the comments and the likes. Not much progress this time, in fact it was one step forward and two back at one point. I glued the lower counter (Part 146) in place at the stern, then decided to plank this to reflect the actual ship. The instructions call for the upper counter to be planked (there is no false counter) but they are rather vague, and the only diagram showing the upper counter is in the instruction book, not on the plans, and is not to scale. The rearmost edge of the gunport pattern was not cut especially cleanly which hampered efforts to ac
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. BE's log is a constant source of ideas - though all errors are of course mine 😕 Cheers
  5. If it took you as long as it did me to sand the hull, then you had plenty of time to enjoy the plenty of sawdust 😄😄. It's looking good Tim.
  6. It all looks really good. If you did half cut from the outside the three bulkhead extensions, you shouldn't need a flush-cutting saw to remove them. A simple twist with pliers and they should snap off quite cleanly. A sanding stick smooths the broken tops, then you finish your deck planking over them.
  7. Thanks for the likes and the comments. The capstan on the upper deck. I’ve been making this on and off over several weeks, and though I didn’t document the actual making of it, I decided to give this description with a few photos of how I did it. The dowel for the central column (the barrel) was cut long enough so that it reached up to the quarter deck, as I intend to make the two capstans look as if they are joined. I wasn’t satisfied with the kit supplied whelps, as they were too thin according to TFFM. I tried gluing two together to get a more reasonable
  8. That looks very good Starlight. Like you, Tim and many others, I had to trim a few mm off the front of the patterns and redo the hole for the bowsprit. And like Tim, I slightly cut the outside edge of the bulkheads that have to be removed before gluing the patterns in place. Cheers
  9. Very well done with the margin plank. I'm glad my suggestion worked for you. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the comments and the likes. The first planking has been completed. The photos show the result. There are some minor gaps between planks which I haven't bothered to fill. The only filler (putty) I used was in two small patches at the stern. Note that the counter was only held in place by two strips of masking tape and moved while the photos were being taken. Cheers
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