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  1. Progress has been slow, partly because I keep thinking about what to do, rather than doing it. I masked the hull, mainly to provide bare wood to which the trim strips will be glued - I have a dislike of gluing anything to something that has been painted. I’m never confident of the glue adhering well to the paint. The hull was painted and the trim strips glued in place. The two lengths of bare wood can be seen. The strip that runs through the gunports was applied in one length then trimmed where it was in way of the ports. (The patte
  2. Ah, yes Steve, but back in the days, there was a lot of foot work, mostly illegal, in rugby union scrums and rucks. (And for a lot of MSW members, rugby union is one of the four "football" games we play in Oz - union, league, Aussie rules and soccer.)
  3. Verbal report forms, left-handed screwdrivers.....
  4. I totally agree 🙂. Though the next somewhat drawnout job will be the cannons, thankfully only 16.
  5. Great job on the lantern Tim. I've also got one of Chuck's kits, but it will be awhile before I need to build it.
  6. Not much to comment on. The coppering is finished. I don’t know that I’d copper another hull. I did copper the Bellona (link below), but I cheated for that. The white tape is in place ready for painting of the hull. The wale is showing definite signs of needing touching up, which will be done shortly. The rudder is in place but not mounted. Cheers
  7. The first tool I ever had ( I was less than10) when making balsa model aircraft was a double edge razor blade pinched from Dad. The tips of my fingers took a battering!
  8. Yet another one could be "The Legacy of Heorot" , Niven, Pournelle, Barnes.
  9. Hi Terry, I've attached a pdf file that shows the plan of the stove - this has been taken from TFFM with Greg's permission (one of the authors). The original scale of the plan was 1:48, I have no idea just what the scale is now after scanning, but I added a scale bar (in cm) so you should be able to work out the actual dimensions you need. Cheers Pegasus stove.pdf
  10. Thanks for the comments Tim and B.E. and for the “like” Kurt. The starboard side has been completed and cleaned using acetone and very fine steel wool. There is still some cleaning up to do. The stem will be finished once the port side is done. The waterline (tape) looks to be way off at the stern, but it’s simply the angle at which the photo was taken. It was actually difficult to get a decent photo due to the glare off the newly cleaned copper. I didn’t have any real problems doing the coppering, though there were quite a few plates removed and scrapped as they didn’t
  11. For a first time builder, you're doing extremely well. You should be very happy with how the build is going. Cheers
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