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  1. I did think of using threaded rod. The end that goes into the captured nut is not a problem, but the other end? The rod would need to be tightened but how to do this. File a slot for a screwdriver - don't think so. Silver solder a nut on the end and use a nut driver?, but this would essentially be the same as what I did more simply. I did spend some time puzzling about this, and I came up with the simplest solution I could think of. SpyGlass, I have been following your helpful comments on various Pegasus builds - thanks for your inputs. Cheers
  2. So, my build log of the Pegasus kit from Victory. I’m not going to describe the kit contents as there are quite a few build logs here on MSW that do exactly that, the latest being that by Mugje. The first task was to read the instructions carefully, at least as far as the first planking, examine the plans and read the already existing build logs. The second task was to repeat the first to ensure that I had a more than reasonable grasp of what was to be involved in starting this build. Unfortunately, the result of all this reading was information overload, but anyway, on with the bu
  3. Ok, extreme slackness on my part. I hadn't bothered to read the detail on Chuck's website, where it specifically says "These cannon also fit the Amati Victory models Pegasus and Fly kits very well." So, I'm about to order some, that's if Chuck is shipping to Australia. Edit. Ordered.
  4. Hi Grant, Yes, Chuck has cannons that are close to the size I'd like, so I may well go with those. Chris is developing a set of cannons, but his smallest is 9pdr, not the 6pdr that Pegasus has. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm just starting to build Victory's Pegasus and I'm not happy with the quality of the supplied cannons. The cannons are 6pdrs with a length of about 32mm. Any suggestions please as to replacements. Thanks
  6. Very nice Mugje. I'm about to start my Pegasus build, so I'm following your build with great interest. And Spyglass, I'm taking careful note of all your comments. Cheers
  7. Hi Russ, I've just finished building this boat. You may get some tips from my build log - see link below. Enjoy. Cheers
  8. Thanks for all the likes. The rigging. This shouldn't be too complicated, afterall, we only have one cannon, one mast, one yard, one sail, two shrouds, and no stays or ratlines. Firstly some comments about the material supplied in the kit but these comments apply to the kit I bought about 20 years ago. The kit is still available today and the contents may well have changed. The cord supplied for the rigging consists of one light coloured hank of reasonable diameter, one spool of thin, light coloured cord and one spool of thin, black cord (see below). The la
  9. I've just caught up with this log - very interesting. Well done. I'll keep watching now. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the likes, and the comment Bruce. To continue with the tubs, water containers and barrels. One tub contains the anchor rope. The stock for the anchor was made from scratch as I did not like the supplied plywood one. The hoops on the stock are dyed paper strips. Another tub contains what are meant to represent the gunpowder-filled cloth bags that are the cartridges for the guns. The instructions say to make these cartridges by cutting dowels into appropriate lengths, paint these white and pile them in the tub. I thought that these would look exactly like piece
  11. The next step was to finish the gun carriage and install it. A trial was done outside the boat, and a problem became immediately apparent. When assembled, the muzzle of the cannon pointed downwards to such a degree that removing the quoin was insufficient to get the muzzle to at least the horizontal. The carriage was built as per the instructions, and as all but two pieces were pre-cut, there was very little room for error, and the two pieces I had to make were fashioned from blocks already sized. A measurement made on the carriage as built was found to be 5mm greater than the same measurement
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