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  1. BTW Dave, There is also a Kansas City, Kansas. The Missouri River splits the city and the two parts are in diffrent states!
  2. Congrats, Meddo on getting your moderator stripes! Kurt announced it at the NRG Board meeting last night. Thank you for stepping up.
  3. WOW! Nice jewel tone colors and good depth of field. Where are you going to put all of your completed puzzles? You could wallpaper your house with them!
  4. Egilman - I thought your comments were more philosophical than political, but it's not up to me to decide. Sorry that your post got deleted.
  5. Nice job! Puzzles from paintings are a lot harder than from photos because the colors are less defined and blended. How long did it take you to put it together?
  6. It's hard to do what's right when the rules keep changing and some refuse to play by the rules at all.
  7. Make them a little skiff to build their nest in. That will help keep the nest in place and look cute, too!
  8. The birds and squirrels are thriving here, too, and one old possum who comes at dusk for table scraps. The raccoons and skunks have disappeared. I don't know if someone did them in or if they just moved on for the summer. I haven't seen any chipmunks around either. Last year we had a fox and a coyote that came around during mating season. They did not come around this year, though. The one thing that is driving me nuts about the 'quarantine' is that now we have dozens of people walking or jogging past our house every day. We have a corner lot and the south side of our house is near the side walk. I can be trying to pull weeds, but people will walk right past me without social distancing or putting a mask on. Then they glare at ME as though I'm the one in the wrong!
  9. Dave - What are you going to do once the pandemic is over? Go back to modeling? 🙂
  10. Our town had a rain barrel program for a few years, but they suspended it this year. You can get mosquito abatement products that you can put in the water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching and whatever it is made of won't hurt your grass or garden, but I don't know if it's safe to use the water on a vegetable garden. Mary
  11. We live near Chicago and they keep complaining that Lake Michigan is rising and houses along the shore between here and Racine, WI are washing away - yet they raised our water rates and won't let us water our lawns in the summer to conserve water. Go figure!
  12. Good luck on your project whichever route you take - and above all have fun! Perfection is a goal, but enjoyment is the journey! 😀
  13. You could also try matte black nail polish. It was very popular a few years ago - I would think it's still available. Have your wife or girlfriend pick it up for you, if you are not comfortable shopping for it yourself! I used to sell Avon products and I had a lot of car modelers who would buy Avon nail polish for accent colors on their model cars.
  14. Nice work, Eric! Of course I wouldn't expect anything less from you!! 😀

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