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  1. Thanks Dave - We all needed that! Stay well!
  2. Yes. Sorry if that disappoints you. I tend to look at things from the view of science and mathematics, not emotions. It's just the way I am.
  3. Maybe the statistics that I should have posted are these: even though there have been over 327,000 deaths from the COVID-19 virus, there have been almost 2 million recoveries from the virus. There is hope for the species, even if there is not hope for each individual.
  4. If you can accept the risks, then be my guest and go visit your grandchildren and enjoy yourself! Just take precautions and be safe. If the kids are feeling under the weather, then wait until they are well again. Go on a nice day when you can all sit out in the garden and enjoy the sun. I hope to read emails from you for many years to come!
  5. Unfortunately our country has to open up - strategically - or a lot of people are going to start dying from poverty and hopelessness. Those who are older or have underlying medical conditions should stay in isolation, if they can, until a vaccine is made available and the rest of the country has to decide if they are willing to take the risk and start working again. A lot of people are working from home, so that lessens the number of people who are going out to work and getting exposed. Unfortunately there are a lot of selfish people out there who feel that they deserve to go to parties or to the beach and possibly get infected or infect others. In Chicago they have been breaking up over 100 parties a week - some with attendees reaching over 200 people! That's just stupid.
  6. That's very true. People need to realize that the mitigation that countries are doing are as much, if not more, for the health care services as they are for saving lives. We only have so many doctors and nurses who can handle these cases and unfortunately a lot of them were struck with the virus because no-one knew that we were dealing with something new.
  7. I'm not trying to belittle the danger of COVID-19, but in the total scheme of things, the numbers are not as bad as they sound. Here is a list of other things people die from (world-wide). Source: https://www.worldometers.info/ And since the world population is still growing, that means that at least this many babies are born every year! 4,986,209 Communicable disease deaths this year 187,007 Seasonal flu deaths this year 2,919,525 Deaths of children under 5 this year 16,331,029 Abortions this year 118,719 Deaths of mothers during birth this year 41,803,192 HIV/AIDS infected people 645,688 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year 3,154,541 Deaths caused by cancer this year 376,752 Deaths caused by malaria this year 3,828,216,941 Cigarettes smoked today 1,920,103 Deaths caused by smoking this year 960,657 Deaths caused by alcohol this year 411,883 Suicides this year $ 153,656,658,184 Money spent on illegal drugs this year 518,488 Road traffic accident fatalities this year
  8. Thanks for the comment to Oracle, Cathead. If I had 10 thumbs, I'd give you 10 thumbs up! Right now in IL it's mandatory to wear masks and people still aren't doing it.
  9. Here is a great link that follows the growth (spread numbers) of the virus internationally: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries You can click on each country to find out more details by region/state. When I first started following this site a couple of months ago, there were only a few countries listed, with China being the main affected country. Now there are over 200 countries. BTW - China is having another outbreak in their northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin. Not as bad as Wuhan, but something to watch. Strangely enough the daily numbers that they are reporting don't reflect this, but satellite surveillance is showing a lack of movement in those areas similar to what surrounded Wuhan during its outbreak and subsequent lock down. Some people from Wuhan are reporting contracting the virus again. The same is true of some of the sailors on the US ships that previously caught the virus and recovered from it - although the positives reported there are suspected to be from faulty tests. Let's hope that is the case and not that in some cases there is no immunity developed after having the virus or that people who have just a mild case do not build up an immunity. We'll just have to wait and see.
  10. I usually keep a 3 - 6 month supply of food and sundries on hand, so we are pretty well set for any emergency except a fire or tornado. The stores around here didn't have any paper products at all for almost 4 weeks. As fast as they filled the shelves, they were emptied again. Ridiculous!! We've had 254 cases in our town and 5892 in our county with 296 deaths so far. We are about 22 miles from Chicago, which is a hot zone. For some reason we have a lot more cases than the surrounding towns, but we also have a lot of apartment complexes, so the people are grouped together. Kurt and I are just hunkering down and hoping that they come up with a vaccine soon. Stay safe and stay well!
  11. I forgot to mention that we will send emails out to everyone who orders a kit with your tracking information. Once it is up on our web store, that will be automated, but for now I will send them out personally. Mary
  12. If emailing your credit card info, I usually recommend sending the first 8 numbers in one email, the second 8 numbers in a second email and the expiry and security number in a third email. It is more secure that way. Calling it in is even more secure, but since we are not open 24/7 we do our best to accommodate our customers. Mary
  13. For US purchasers who have already paid for their kit, your refund will be issued once we have mailed out the kits, which should be in a few days. Thank you for your patience. If you still have a PayPal request pending, I will cancel it and issue you a new one with the lower rate. Mary
  14. Bruce - We will be using the US Postal service and sending it by 1st class mail. I know it's more expensive that parcel post, but we want to make sure it gets there, and it's still cheaper than Fed-Ex or DHL. Mary

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