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  1. Been there, done that. All of our cats have been strays except one which we adopted from a shelter.
  2. Our cat likes to live dangerously. If Kurt or I are in the kitchen, he stretches out as much as he can in the middle of the kitchen floor. If he thinks we are going into the fridge, he stretches out there. The same with the sink or the stove. One of his favorite places is a doorway - any doorway as long as someone wants to go through it. I will be carrying food from the stove to the table and I have to step over him all the time. He used to lay across the hallway at night, but after Kurt or I tripped over him or stepped on him several times, he now only does it during the day. I should probably mention that he is a black cat - hard to see in the dark. We now have night lights in every room!
  3. We have a tape measure for almost every room in the house, both cars and extras in the garage and basement. They must be magnetic because they all eventually end up in one place and then we have to redistribute them!
  4. Dave - I didn't know that you wore a bra!
  5. Looks good - very messy, but tasty! That's a meal for three people (or at least 2)! I think it's missing something green to be a salad - and not Chicago style relish!
  6. I put a bag of green tea in my pot of coffee. You don't taste it, but you get the health benefits.
  7. And better than half of the journalists these days don't ask ANY of those questions!
  8. But at least you had the chance to learn something new today! LOL!
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