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  1. Thanks. That is what I assumed you meant. It was the “above” the mark that led me to think initially that the batten was placed between the mark and the wale. In my terminology that would have been “below”, or more precisely, on the mark placed between the mark and the keel.
  2. The way I read this (substituting “perimeter” for “parameter”) when the first belt is almost planked, after the 4th plank, the batten (2mm) will need to be removed in order for the last strake (plank) to fit from its neighbor to the mark previously made on the bulkhead, because the instruction was to place the batten above the mark when working toward the keel. That 2mm batten must be accounted for else there will be a 2mm gap above the mark after the last strake is installed and then the batten removed.
  3. Thanks. My experience was as a gun and later ballistic missile fire control tech. I was on a guided missile destroyer, Adams class, a sub tender and many Polaris boats. My knowledge therefore is limited. I had more sea going experiences on the destroyer of course. My involvement in the Polaris program as pretty much heads-down with the weapons systems.
  4. Thanks, Mark. Down Under? We were headed for Melbourne when I metamorphosed from pollywog to Shellback. Great two weeks there. My health issue (might as well say it, cancer) is dormant for a while. A few years hopefully and my modeling desire has resurfaced. Best, Michael
  5. I joined a few years back after getting a Caldercraft HM Sherbourne. Yes, I am a shellback, US Navy 1963, crossed the line at the dateline on USS Buchanan DDG-14, so I’m officially a Golden Shellback. Since my initial posts I’ve had some health challenges and the Sherbourne is still in her box. But, I am modeling again. I have a Fujimi 1:700 Mushashi ready to start then I figure it is time to stop procrastinating and begin my first plank and frame model. I’m sure I will have many questions. Best regards to all, Michael Scott
  6. I bought this kit about three years ago after much research, forum visits, reviews and talking myself out of buying the Victory. Even though I've been on the Victory as a young sailor visiting Portsmouth, and had been favored with "the sailors" tour by one of the seaman stationed on board, I finally admitted that the Victory would be a poor choice for a beginner. I have years of experience as a plastic scale modeler even competing with IPMS USA and writing build reviews of kits. My interests distilled into Wingnut Wings WWI kits and large scale resin, wood and metal kits of American Civil War ironclads. However, as an eight year Navy veteran with many, many miles at sea and a one time voracious reader of Napoleonic War history and novels, I've always wanted to build a "plank on bulkhead" ship. Hence, H.M. Sherbourne. I almost started the Sherbourne about three years ago, but other issues – health, mainly – pushed that back until now. I've about finished my current Wingnut Wings model (a Roland C.II) and have been re-reading my few model ship building books and checking the internet again. I was previously signed up here when I thought my build would get off the ground, and to my surprise, it's basically a new site. Some kind of server crash I guess. Anyway, my old user name was still available so I luckily got it back and am moving in the direction of getting the Sherbourne started. I am looking forward to reporting my progress and posting questions here. Regards to all... Shellback PS I was inducted into the realm of Davy Jones in 1963 where the line and the dateline (realm of the Golden Dragon) intersect, hence it should really be "Golden Shellback", but I prefer the informal... I have met a few, very few, other Golden Shellbacks. Are there any here?

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