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  1. Your placement's off. It should be in front of the rear wheel...
  2. I had to decide to put my Full Scale Model, the Pshrynk, on the market, due to poor health and inability to scramble around on a sailboat as well as I need to make it actually work. Maybe at some point in the future I can get a smaller day sailer, but the spousal unit may not be that understanding. Ah, well. Maybe it will sell slowly and I can convince friends and family to sail it for me one last summer...
  3. True to form, another "skiff" (good word) this past Friday night. Went to fire up the blower just to be sure that the repair guy had done an adequate job. He hadn't. Wouldn't run except on full choke. No power. Died after about 10 feet. Wouldn't restart for 10 minutes. Swore like a pirate's parrot. Took it back and was oh so polite because there's the predicted big dump coming Thursday and Friday. **%#$&*!!!
  4. Has been since early CompuServe days. The paycheck says Brian Proctor, but only the bank cares about that.
  5. We're starting to get the annoying little, every other day, "should I shovel or not" snows. They'll accumulate for about 6-8 inches with some ice pack, and then we'll get the first big dump in a couple weeks. Joy. <<Reaches for the "Retire in Panama" brochures.>>
  6. For those of you who live in the southern regions and say something like, "I miss winter," or "I would like a snowy Christmas," here's a little psychiatric intervention: 1. Realize that TAB does not mean TAB while writing a post 2. Take a deep breath 3. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!!!!! 4. Let the feeling pass. 5. Walk outside without the air hurting your face and enjoy it.
  7. So what are you planning the second week? Welcome aboard! Careful, though, Hunching over tiny little bits of wood and paint can become addictive!
  8. Welcome, Keith! Just hop right in and wallow in it! There is no right or wrong way to get started other than to get started.
  9. Yeah, I was trying to figure out what they were talking about with one set of instructions and finally decided that what they were trying to say was that I was supposed to slice the planking lengthwise to fit in the gaps left by the placement of the full sized planks on either side. Doesn't help that the materials lists are all in Italian.
  10. I have been chipping away at that very same model for many years and am finally gaining steam on it. I didn't try others so much as just fiddle with other miniature endeavors like role playing figurines, etc. The main advice I'd reiterate is to always be reading ahead. I have yet to find the instructions on planking the decks for the main deck, but I'm sure they are there and will make perfect sense. You just have to get used to reading instructions that have from German directly translated been.
  11. Welcome, Dooder! As my Grandma used to say, "If you don't fall head first into the cess pit, you'll never learn how to swim!". Strange woman, my grandma. The folks here are all great at helping you through the scratchy bits, so don't hesitate to ask for help!
  12. Maybe I wasn't missed that much, but I'm back after a couple months absence. My company got freaked out about the ransom ware scare last spring and cut off all internet acess not business related for all summer and fall. They just instituted a new protocol for access and we can once again get back on line. So here I am. Of course, it's my turn tonight to go out and purchase the goat tonight and don't ask what they want us to do with the hamsters... Not much done with the Victory model, as summer is my season to do outside stuff and I just now got back to the fun things indoors. Starting to put the cladding on the hull now. One question... Is it just Momoli, or are all model instructions written as if they were German translated directly from?
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! I certainly have a bit of research to do...
  14. I'm mostly looking for something that gives a feel for how sail trimming was done. I have noticed with this season's Black Sails that they are doing more than just running down wind and are incorporating trim and attitude in how they are showing seamanship. As I embark on the rigging for my Victory model, I just thought it would be cool to have a grounding on why there is a line running from here to there and what they did with them. I'll have to track down the clipper ship book, since my next model will likely be Cutty Sark.

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