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  1. I think i finally got the hang of planking, sadly it was after most of the hull was done... poorly..
  2. I read ahead in the instructions and they seem to refer to all strip wood as planks so I'm going to assume i did it correctly at this point lol. It does appear to be double hulled, so i will do the basswod layer and then the veneer over top - should look sharp
  3. OK so i have my build log started, I think it's even named correctly, thanks again for all the help guys. Richard, it's a 2013 kit. the pictures included are from back when they did die-cuts tho - mine is laser-cut, so the reference material isn't quite matching up - that could be where half the paranoia is coming from
  4. the veneer is quite a bit darker, i just found a build log where the deck was planked after being attached - that is what i would do next time, the gaps in the boards are just too big in my opinion
  5. First build here, i read somewhere that the first kits have detailed instructions that build your knowledge base to know how to fill in the blanks when it comes to the less detailed instructions on the larger / more complex kits.. if that's the case I sure am glad i started with this little guy because i'm really struggling with the instructions! The miniature furniture kits / scratch-build tutorials i've worked off of have been drowning in detail. The build was going reasonably smoothly until I got the planking, where the instructions call for installing the sheeting, after rummaging through the kit a few times looking for a sheet of planks I decided it must be another name for strip wood. I didn't question this until i was securing the deck and the spacing between planks grew out of scale that I started second guessing and, digging through the kit one more time, found a pile of veneer strips - at this point i'm not sure if i've used my hull materials as planking or not! The images all appear to be strip wood, so i'm going to carry on and assume everything is fine. It's incredibly difficult to tell from any of the images online which wood was used, i seem to be the only one having this existential crisis. Yesterday was spent sanding / sealing the decks and today I will tackle filing down the ribs so I can start working on the hull.
  6. I may have managed to make my first f-up... i'm not sure if i used my hull material for planking.. is planking generally very very thin? The kit said to use sheets, of which there weren't any, now that i have the decks done and varnished i've found a bundle of .. veneer?
  7. so i read through a few of the forum chains and i'm taking the advice given about jumping in too deep - and picked up a Swift kit on the way home tonight, learning on something a bit smaller seems.. prudent lol. anyway i've got it's little skeleton glued and setting on my coffee table as we speak.
  8. Ha, good point - Aaron here, still getting my profile and all that jazz set up. Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  9. so i took the plunge and finally ordered a kit - the Venetian Polacca (sp?) by Amati - it hasn't landed here yet but i'm already panicking as it doesn't seem like anyone - anywhere - has built this kit. This is my first ship, but i have built dollhouses & furniture (kits and scratch) so I think i will be able to fuddle it out with some of ya'lls help. Thanks for having me!

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