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  1. Brian, Those lanterns are incredible! Very impressive! I am very much looking forward to seeing them lit on the finished model! Don
  2. Thanks, Bob. I’m very lucky to have a finished basement and a Wife doesn’t like stairs so She never goes down there😉. My oldest Son also did a stint as an apprentice cabinetmaker and built a desk that fits me like I wanted. It’s simple but has some good storage space and cutouts for power, etc. Thanks again, Don
  3. Have pretty much finished Chapter two - lots of sanding/fairing in the immediate future😽
  4. I use a lot of CA and have had no problems with the exception that I have had a partially used bottle that seemed to lose its ability to work properly after sitting for an extended time. You can probably write a book on applicators and methods but experience and following the various logs here is a good start. I’ve used it successfully on wood, plastic, ABS, resin, photo etch brass, and combinations of all the above. Yes, I occasionally glue my fingers together or to whatever I’m working, and this can cause some heartburn, but if you’re careful this will not cause too much damage other than a
  5. Bob, beautifully done! I’m about a month behind you and really enjoying your posts! Don
  6. I, too have the Artesania Latina scraper and used it on my Medway build - it worked great! Unfortunately, AL is out of business and a brief check with Ages of Sail and a couple of other sources didn’t show any in stock. Hopefully someone else will pick up on this. Don
  7. Thanks, Bob! Your Pen Duick is gorgeous - I’m deeply impressed with how you’ve painted it and finished the deck! First rate! Don
  8. Thanks, Chuck, I really appreciate it! Your design and instructions, as well as the excellent build logs and other information here, have made this doable here in the wilderness of north Alabama😸. Don
  9. Thanks, Bob! I’m really enjoying your build and getting a lot from it - you’re making great progress! Thanks also for the likes, I appreciate it! Don
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