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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Chuck, I really appreciate it. No, have never done that exact kind of thing before and it took quite a bit of time with lots of references to the pictures you have posted and more than a bit of sanding. I’ve learned over the years that consistent, parallel lines are pleasing to the eye so that’s what I went for. At one point, I didn’t like the set of the ones on the starboard side so removed and repositioned them. Should finish the gunports this week and will post some more pics Thanks again, Don
  2. A bit of an update....... I’ve been working on Chapter 5 and have it pretty much completed with a few exceptions like the trim in front of the figurehead and the gunport lids. The bow details were a challenge but I’m happy with how they came out. On to the cannons soon. Don
  3. Glenn, your work is stunning! I have a tutorial folder where I save postings on how to do stuff for future reference - yours is included! Don
  4. Brian, This is a really cool project and you’re doing a first rate job with it - most enjoyable! Don
  5. Rachel, Thanks, I know how you feel! My parents were avid subscribers of National Geographic and I grew up with Costeau’s adventures so when Billings came out with the Calypso, I just had to build it! Thanks again, Don
  6. Miles, You’re most welcome - I’m looking forward to seeing more of your build! Don
  7. Fuji, Thanks again for the kind words, I really appreciate it and am following your build with interest. The Billings Calypso is a bit of a challenge as it is crude by today's standards, the instructions aren't great, and it requires a bit of artistic license at times. For example, I really couldn't figure out the configuration of the winch/boom rigging forward of the deck house even after spending a bit of time looking at pictures published in National Geographic and available on the web, so what I built is a "best guess". My goal was to build a nice looking static dis
  8. Great work, Glenn, beautifully done! Your description of the build process is wonderful and a permanent go-to reference! Don
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