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  1. That is just stunning work, Brian! I continue to be deeply impressed by your build both from the technical aspects but also from your deep dive into the historical point of view. Well done! Don
  2. Thanks, Glenn, and I really look forward to your build. I have followed your Cheerful project with great interest and have permanently bookmarked it in my tutorial folder as a really good “how to” - wonderful stuff! Thanks again, Don
  3. Thanks, Rusty, I appreciate it! Your build looks top notch and is one that I use as a reference on a regular basis. Thanks again, Don
  4. Mike, There are several really good build logs for single plank on bulkhead or plank on frame available here for both the Winchelsea and the Medway Longboat from Syren - lots of tips, tricks, and “how to” posts. I’ve learned a lot, and have saved several permanent links to my tutorial folder. Cheers, Don
  5. This is really cool! Did not know that 3D printing could work at this scale. I’ve used some aftermarket parts for 1:200 scale projects (currently Titanic) and found them to be great! Can you post some more hull pics? Don
  6. Paul, I’m really enjoying your build, especially the “how to” parts - it looks great! This may well have to be my next project. I’ve used a lot of photo etched brass in some of my other projects and have found that thin super glue applied sparingly with a needle or small glue looper works well and holds for an extended time. I don’t have any experience with soldering but probably need to give it a try - will add this to my things to do next list. Don
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