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  1. Paul, That’s very nicely done, beautiful work! I think Cheerful will have to be my next project. Don
  2. Glenn, Very little to add except to say what a truly lovely, beautiful model you’ve crafted! I, too, am very much looking forward to what you do with the Winnie. Don
  3. Bob, That looks really nice! Got my parts yesterday and will start shortly. Don
  4. Although my current project is the Winchelsea, I also build in plastic at 1:200 and have finished the Arizona and Hornet with others waiting on the shelf. These use a LOT of expensive photo etch brass that is both tiny, fragile, and prone to being eaten by the carpet monster - good tweezers are required. Over the years, I’ve tried pretty much everything available from the hobby vendors and found them not up to the job. I’ve recently had really good luck with tweezers from Dumont that are made for use in biology labs and electronic manufacturing. They’re very expensive but super high quality and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They are able to handle the smallest stuff with minimal zingers - recommended. Dumonttweezers.com. Hope this helps, Don
  5. They look great, Bob! Very impressive! Your advice on block/rope sizes is appreciated- I think I’m only going to rig a couple of them as examples as I just don’t think I have the patience to do them all😎. Don
  6. A couple of more pics - having a weird problem with them uploading upside down using an iPhone to make them. Oh well………… Thanks for all the likes! Don
  7. Thanks, Bob, they look great! I use your build as a reference on a regular basis, looks like you’re a month or so ahead of me. Glad your plumbing issue went well and you’re on the mend! Take care, Don
  8. Thanks, Chuck! I’d like to rig a gun or two, can you advise on block/rope sizes? Thanks again, Don
  9. It’s been an interesting few weeks working on the guns, the gun port doors, and eye bolts and split rings. I found the gun port hinges particularly challenging and am not completely happy with how they came out - still need to install the two at the bow. I have a bunch of photo etch brass left over from other projects, and used bits and pieces to make the hinges but had a lot of trouble getting them shaped properly. The guns went together well and the weathering powder is a nice touch that adds a bit of depth. I got really good at making eye bolts and split rings - the annealed wire Chuck recommended is easy to work with and cuts well using a razor saw. Some pics……….. Don
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