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  1. Druxey, Sorry for the confusion. I do have a build board and the keel is secure. I developed a problem with the keelson, which sits on top of the keel. Perhaps I’m premature in working on the keelson, but fitting it to each frame as I go seems easier then trying to fit it to all the frames at once.
  2. Work continues. The amount of time and material associated with one frame is incredible. Since my last post, I’ve installed 5 frames and have glued up and rough cut another 9. On another note, I noticed that the Keelson had developed a nice bow. To help relieve some on the stress, I made 2 cuts with a thin kerf handsaw then glued in small pieces to fill the void. After the initial two cuts were made the bend was pretty much gone. When fitting the pieces to be glued, I made sure not to have too tight a fit so as to not create additional stress in the opposite direction. One of my biggest c
  3. My apologies for leaving out some, if all of the finer points. I made that post late in the evening and by that time of day, my verbal and written word functions are in shut down mode. When I was initially trying to determine which Ancre monograph I was going to build next, I was drawn to the history of the Bonhomme Richard. Doing some research also revealed that there were very few actual builds of her. This being my second build, I still have a sense of being a Greenhorn and really don't feel like I know what I'm doing. Reminds me of when I was a Midshipmen. On occasion, while sailin
  4. I started this built sometime ago. Given the scope and difficulty, I decided to focus on deciphering the plans and determining a comfortable plan of attack before starting a build log. I’m presently building and installing frames. At first I didn’t trust the lines and found myself leaving things proud to give myself a little room to work with. A good idea initially, but means substantial amount of sanding later on. Patience...... Some pictures to bring things up to date.
  5. Wow, 2 months since my last post. My only excuse, is that the snow has melted and there is a lot of other things to do. With that said, I found myself finishing the small cannons, placing the boat in its case and that's where it has been ever since. Since placing it in the case, it hasn't called to me to make the oars or masts etc. So, that's it. Finished. Thanks for the support, all the great information and guidance.
  6. Eddie, I'm almost finished with mine. Chris
  7. Thank you Carl, Still working on the small canons. I'm not 100% happy with how they compare to one another. I will probably end up making a few more. I'm planning on adding oars and a few canon accessories. I will say that the finishing touches are hard when your mind starts wandering towards the next build. Chris
  8. The main canon is in place and fully rigged. I also built the cradle that the boat will sit in. I initially did some reach to find an image of a period correct cradle, but in the end, I just designed my own. Yesterday, i turned the four small 1lb. canons. They came out ok. Turning pieces that small on a full size lathe and getting all the canons to look identical is a challenge. Practice makes perfect. Chris
  9. Thank you for the likes and nice comments. Karl, your build has been an indispensable asset that I owe much of my success to. Not to mention, the fact that your craftmanship is second to none.
  10. Spent the entire day uncrating, assembling and fine tuning some tools that were on the wish list.
  11. I ended up turning the cannon from a piece of ebony and finished it with a coat of metallic dye (Transtint). I think it adds a nice depth of color and perhaps tricks the eye into thinking it's brass.
  12. Work continues, slowly. As the end of the build draws near I decided to get the case out of the way. I originally planned on making the case out of Plexy Glass but decided glass was a better fit. It took a fair amount of trial and error to get to a point where I was comfortable. The process of wrapping the glass with copper tape, burnishing and applying the solder was tedious. Im happy with the end result and feel it adds a more classical feel to the model.
  13. I love this forum. Such an abundance of knowledge and information. Thank you, Tony, G. Delacroix and Cog. Chris.
  14. Cog, Thank you very much. Regarding a mast and the oars, the plans don't show them. In fact, I have researched this boat in other build logs and don't recall seeing a mast either. Archjofo built an absolutely beautiful rendition of this boat. I will scroll through his build log and see.
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