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  1. Hello Folks, I know it has been a while, however that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I left off on the stern which presented me with challenges that I overcame (above). A lot of issues resulted in trying new tools and using templates for the first time. The stern survived as seen in my previous post, however the rookie could not survive the mistakes on the bow. Even though I followed the templates for the bow, I butchered the bow by taking a catastrophic amount of wood off the bow. I am still a little perplexed over what happened (See Pictures). My bulkhead templates are true, however
  2. Hello Folks, After pondering whether or not to add another piece of basswood to the stern to the RC (Revenue Cutter) I decided to move forward extend the stern to have the rudder whole closer to the stern to be safe. It added about 3 hours of work to the build however thinking about it for 4 nights before sleeping and on my way to work for 4 days (we all do that I believe) it was well worth it. I am now very pleased versus my prior post with the results (even though my stern looks like counting years on a open tree trunk) three years to be exact if one looks closely at the "after pic
  3. Welcome to the MSW group, Being a beginner I have found this format to not only enlightening and fun, however extremely supporting. This is a great group to be associated with, best of luck with your future endeavors on ship building.
  4. Hello Folks, It has been a long time since my last post however It is nice to be back on the BJ Revenue Cutter. Still in the beginning steps: Shaped the bow using the template supplied by BJ, pretty straight forward. I notice that as I use the templates to shape the forward portion a lot of wood will be coming off. I will trust the templates though. The stern was a different story, using new tools has it's ups and downs. As the picture below outlines I took way too much wood off the stern, I just could not get template correct. So I added basswood to the ster
  5. Hello Folks, Short post for today: Finished marking the template lines and the hull outline as per the manual. I noticed I do not have too much room for error on the hull sides. That's why they make putty I guess, that is if I take too much wood off the hull. I also completed the stand, not pretty however it is going to need more work because the hull is going to be copper plated. It will make a good working cradle for now. Once the center-line was located and drawn I used a push pin with string attached and ran it along the keel to locate a fairly accurate li
  6. Good Afternoon Folks, Back in business, feels good!. Left off with having to re-drill misaligned holes in the hull of the kit, covered the original hole with 1/4 in dowel. Needed time to think of how to do this and assimilate the same rake on the foremast with the re-drilled mainmast hole. I am pleased with the result so far, I may be a little off since I do not possess a drill press yet. All this was done free hand (Just ordered a Proxxon Drill Press to save time in the future). Step 1: Make a jig (took 3 times to get it right, kept on splitting the jig when drilling the whole fo
  7. Hello My Friend, Thank you for following, I hope to build my jig this weekend. I will post it Be safe and once again, thank you for posting your build as a guide, Bill T.
  8. Hello Folks, I got caught up in life over the past few weeks, this is progress of the kit to date: Templates are complete, used frame matting material versus poster board as per Ryland Craze's recommendation above. Worked great and would recommend matting material over poster board every time. I little tougher to cut through, results well worth it. After messing around with the templates I notice that the holes did not line up for the masts and rudder. I double checked the templates I came up with the same result. Finally I broke out the deck part, made some
  9. Yes I do, Revenue Cutter - wtimlen - Blue Jacket - 1/48. Thanks again for your log and interest. Bill T.
  10. Hello, I saw your great build log of the Revenue Cutter and decided to utilize your technique of completing the kit with copper plates. I recently completed the Yankee Hero and thought the Revenue Cutter was a good progression. Your Revenue Cutter looks amazing to me. I appreciate having the resource of your log to assist me with challenge of the copper plates, I am lucky! Be safe and have a great 4th of July weekend, Bill T.
  11. Hello Folks, I am excited to begin my second build log and Blue Jacket kit on MSW. My first log was the "Yankee Hero" by Blue Jacket and I had a great time with the kit and posting the build. I enjoyed hearing from all the kind and supporting people in MSW. The Revenue Cutter represents what I believe is a reasonable progression from the Yankee Hero. The challenge I anticipate with this build is that I intend and (attempt) to complete this kit utilizing copper plates versus painting copper below the waterline. I was inspired to try this after I saw the Revenue Cutter build log by sjanicki
  12. Hello Nick,

    I added the Yankee Hero to the Gallery. Very thankful for your constant support.


    All the best to family and staff,

    Bill T.

    PS: I think I am hooked. BTW I will do the Revenue Cutter with Copper Plates. I will place my order Monday for plates, I hope I am not going into the abyss beyond my skill level. However I am a little competitive (LOL)...

    1. MrBlueJacket


      Look up the Revenue Cutter by Sjanicki, he coppered his, too.



  13. Hello Chris,

    I added some pictures to my first gallery of the completed Blue Jacket Yankee Hero as per your request. I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope I added the log correctly as a beginner.

    I think I am hooked.


    Thank you for all your support!

    Bill T.


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