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  1. I did all the hull planking the “hard way” spilling and cutting each piece to width. I got much better and quicker at it as I went along. It is far from perfect, but I learned a great deal.
  2. Started back in April. After cutting the Rabbet and tapering to the bearding line I used magnets and a square to align the bulkheads as I glued them to the keel.
  3. Great to meet you all. Thanks for the greetings.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. Off get started
  5. Hello all, I’m Larry and I just joined a few days ago. Wish I had done it long ago, but the best intentions... I’m working on my third model - 1 Cape Cod Catboat from Bluejacket, 2 Bounty Launch from Model Shipways, and 3 Glad Tidings from Model Shipways. I’m hoping to find some good tips when I get stumped by some detail in the building. Can anyone tell me how to start a log for my current ship? Looking forward to meeting you all. Larry Drake
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