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  1. Ahoy shipmate thank you for your comment I am honored The kit in 1959 cost my parents $8.95 the kit retailed for my 1950 they stayed even keel for $9.95 up to 1969 then from there on the4 cost went up year by year. I am not to much of a ebay shopper I like to window shop there I seen a couple of these vintage kits available for bid I seen some as $35.00 to $ 50.00 out for grabs. In my mind the first production kits through out the 1960s were better kits they came with pre painted hulls that really sold the model. Nowdays they throw everything in a box even the de
  2. Ahoy Gents This will be a short build log on this topic on my next it will be a full build log, Okay this is the first release production of 1959v Revell CUTTY SARK I got this for Christmas been building it for all those years up to now she is at the finishing down hill slide. I should have this wrapped up by tomorrow evening and get started on something new. Here is my 1959 CUTTY SARK Frankie Day
  3. Ahoy Been following your build a hardy well done I purchased the same kit only difference is there are no instructions everything is on cd I have no clew what they were thinking like all of us we are use to build off the plans and take measurements too, With the cd the only measurements are the metric system this really corny. Great build Sir. Frankie Day
  4. No Sir this is the 1978 first release of the Entex kit thank you sir for your viewing nd comment I am honored
  5. hello Thank you for you comment no sir this is the 1978 Entex first released kit 60 percent is scratch built. Frankie Day
  6. Ahoy Here is another update the standing rigging has been completed next will be the rat lines and the running rigging will follow. I should have this wrapped up in 5 more months so there will be a lot of updates. Boats
  7. Ahoy Here is another update all of the standing riggi9ng is done with the exception of the shrouds and ratlines. All back and fore stays are completed leaving only the shrouds and running rigging. Last Saturday I received my new dead eyes from Bluejacket Ship Crafters. The original lead dead eyes that came with the kit disintegrated in my hands threw th.em away I got new ones miles better I say. Okay here are the update pix next later on in the week I will post another update of the shouds. Boats
  8. :10_1_10:Ahoy LOllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that's all I need one can of spinach and I will have her done in no time starting on another build. Hmmmmmmmmmmm I might try that Thanks buddy for the comment stay tuned I have another update in a few. Boats
  9. Ahoy Popeye Thanks buddy these old school kits build very different compared what on the market for today most kits now days are engineered with new state of art building rendering the model builds its self. I love these old Marine model kits I cut my teeth on these old gems of yesteryear I inherited this kit from late father also a lot of the old Boucher and Lewis now Bluejacket ship crafters these kits go back as 192os. 17 kits in all My Charles Morgan was purchased in 1954 I was 14 years back then man does time fly. Stay tuned I have another update the standing rig
  10. Ahoy Here is another update the bowsprit standing rigging has been completed next the fore and back stays of the main mast will follow. By this Friday I should have all of the standing rigging done. Boats
  11. Ahoy Here is another update of the standing rigging been away from the bench for a little while now back at it. all is left to complete the forward standing rigging is the bowsprit stay chains and bob stays are added next. Boats
  12. Ahoy Here is another update I started the standing rigging starting with the Fore back stays and the Fore stays next the rigging of the bowsprit . when this is do9ne I will proceed with the main mast fore and back stays then the shrouds will be last. all back stays and combos have been seized off using fuse wire then it will be touched up with flat black. boats
  13. SS. AMERICAN SCOUT 1956 kit I built many years back this is a old RC job I had used at one time using the old citizen two channel babcock radio system they had back in those days now she is retired from sea and only for display.
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