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  1. Looking Great Steve The Bounty Looks Superb She is one of Billings best produced kits Thumbs up at ya buddy Frankie Day
  2. Ahoy Gents thanks Steve and Philo for the comments I am honored Beautiful job on the Wasa Philo, Yep same thing on my Isabella the first coat it soaked it up like a thirsty drunk. about 5 coats of poly to get the life sprung back in to the wood, Here is another update build report on the Isabella. Thus far I done some tidying up on the build I let dry over night and ponmder over the build and look for mistakes I found a couple and got them squared away ship shape. The hardest part of the build is over and the rest will be a piece of cake. after I do some moire tidying up
  3. Ahoy Steve Beautiful job buddy on the Bounty a great kit your kit more up to date then mine I bought mine in 1980 when it was first released. All parts had to be cutted out using a jig saw or just a No.11 blade I ordered the fittings to the kit with the cost kit and fittings $75.00 back then now I find Billings includes theyr fitting with the kit instead of ordering them separate Love the color schedule I include a couple of shots of my kit that is now completed. Hardy Well Done Steve keep building her love to see this build grow, Frankie Day
  4. Ahoy Gents Okay update for today more will follow, Having a lot of fun building this old kit thus far no problem with the breakage of the wood its pretty well saturated with polyurethane it slowly bringing life back in to the wood. Building this randomly to complete the hull and the deck furniture will follow I should have this pretty well planked off by tomorrow sometime. all wales and rubbing strakes are completed the after decks will have to be planked before I move onward. The kit in general is a difficult kit to construct not only because it foreign made the
  5. Ahoy Philo she is getting there my man glad I decided to build this if this thing was to be left idol for another 5 to 10 years it would crumble into wood dust polyurethane saved my bacon stay tuned for the next update should have another here by this evening. Frankie Day
  6. Ahoy Steve Can do I built the Billings Bounty years ago and still have the model all those years it was released in 1980 all parts had to be cut out b no laser cut parts in those days purely old school design as incorporated in those kit in those days. I will break out the model from below in my finished basement an take a couple pictures I will go and review your build nice to see someone who has this kit for the money and the laser cut parts makes this kit a must to buy and build. Thanks Steve for checking in buddy Frankie Day
  7. Ahoy Steve Thanks buddy I am honored building models is my lifes work and it keeps me Sane youing and happy. thanks for the comment The Spanish galleon Isabella is taking shape Frankie day
  8. Ahoy Gents Slow process but this is what model ship building is all about lots of time and plenty of it. At this stage of construction cant do much more until the water line of the hull has been pre paired and painted. Then after that the real fun will begin the upper planking and transom will be next on the genda. Although an ancient kit with all of the wood saturated with polyurethane the wood is holding its own, I should have built this kit ages ago but when you spend 30 years of your life fighting for freedom in the NAVY as a career man there is no time to build j
  9. Ahoy Gents Okay the fun has just begun the planking has started I should have her done this evening with the planking session. The planks in the kit are very old and drying out I snapped off four planks if they continue to snap off I will most certainly run out of planks.so to prevent this I took all the planks and wood from the kit and gave them three coats of polyurethane so the wood will soak up the moisture. Thus far no problems of the wood splitting my advice to all modelers who own ancient kits such as this don't let them sit idol for years on end or kit will disc
  10. Ahoy Here is the first update of the construction of the Billing boats Isabella. the kit in general is ancient I had it for years since 1963 my third kit from Billings The norske Love was the first one hell of a kit to say the least the second was the Danmark and now the Spanish Galleon Isabella. The construction is straight forward your typical plank on frame construction I had to take care and work slowly on this I let this kit stand idol for years on end and all of the wood is drying out I applied 3 coats of polyurethane so it will soak in the wood making the parts more
  11. Ahoy Jean No such luck on this kit I had it to long I bought it in 1953 been sitting idol all this period of time, This is the reason I started this build thread if I don't build this kit to soon all of the wood will crumble away rendering the kit useless and a waste of money and time ther wood in this kit is very brittle in some respect not all of it Just longer time to cut and work with without any breakage. Okay here is a update build report on this old relic kit The box top is tattered from old age kept in a dry place for years on end. Now I am paying penalty LOlllll
  12. Thank you sir for your comment I am honored. I gave the chains several coats of black wash the same I did with the deck. I got this kit on my 19th year Christmas from my parents I came home for leave in the Navy and spent Christmas with my folks they surprised me with this kit It took me off and on for 56 years to build this now she is done she is in her permanent berth under a dust cover for total exile. thanks buddy Frankie Day
  13. Ahoy Philo Looking great Philo I got the same kit Artsenia Latina the only difference is that thee are no building plans to the kit instead they give you a DVD so to get the measurements the are on the DVD. A beautiful kit is I will get mine started soon after I knock out a couple builds. Again looking great Philo you the Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Frankie Day
  14. Ahoy Gents Here is a fresh build I went to my vast stash pile and rooted this one up I had this kit since 1962 one of Billing boats first kits the Crabincutter was the first kit. I decided it is best to start this one to finish the wood in the kit is starting to dry out if I let this kit sit another few more years the wood will crumble way. Thus far in the construction the keel and formers are dry fitted and trimmed finally the structure is glued together and let dry 24 hours next will be the tedious planking. My wife loves this one so you got to keep mama happy.
  15. Ahoy Fellow Modelers Here is the final reveal of the build, she is completed and it took 58 years to build I should live so long Lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Okay she is resting in hew dust cover and it is sitting in the living room. Here are the pictures of the build/
  16. Ahoy Almost finished crew figures rope coils and the rigging of the life boat davids and she ready for the final; reveal Frankie Day
  17. USS MARYLAND BB-47 1941 Scratch build 1/192 scale Pearl Harbor vintage 1941 paint schedule 5d. Measure 21
  18. From the album: Steel Navy The Battle Line

    1999 Trumpeter USS HORNET APRIL 18 1942
  19. Hardy Well David Beautiful collection LOLlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll when I was a young boy I to worked in a double closet it was my first man cave, Obe evening my dad called me down for supper had no idea I had a man cave in the closet. Came upstairs to fetch me and found to his surprise I was in a closet building models the only reply was that's a great idea. Thank you for sharing your collectgions they are beautiful Frankie Day
  20. Ahoy Jud I joined the Navy in 1957 I was 17 years young back then a far cry for getting close to 80 years old Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Modeling keeps me young at heart and health and still working on a job. I went NTC at San Diego next to the Hollywood marines Camp Penalton I was a pumper in the Navy all of my ships I was on for 30 years in Navy were Fleet Oilers last ship I was on was the USS GUADALUPE AO-32 Boatswain Mate Chief was my retirement rate. Thanks Shipmate for tuning in Under Way Ships colors Frankie Day
  21. Ahoy Yep we are lucky we got the kit when it was first released I was 19 years old in 1959 got back home for leave and it was a great Christmas when I opened up the Christmas package and seen this kit I saviored this kit all those years been building her off and on all that time and she will be done today and I will go to something else thanks buddy for checking in on this topic I am honored Frankie Day
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